Picnics on the San Diego Freeway

Picnic on the San Diego Freeway

Conflict resolution usually involves a mediator getting the antagonistic parties to meet in the middle ground. I have been concerned about the possible war with Iran. I wondered why Gaia (the spirit of nature) didn’t step in with a massive event like a meteor or an earthquake and bring all the nastiness to an end.

I was then shown a series of visions that I can only describe as “conflict encouragement”. She wants them all to wipe each other out. Eek!  It will lower global consumption/pollution and that is her aim.

Here’s the explanation:

Phase 1: The Jews won’t attack Iran, they want America to do it for them. So let’s say the US bombs the nuclear facilities in Iran and the nuclear threat, if there ever was one, is destroyed. (No one believes it really but let’s be polite and pretend there is one).

Phase 2: The Iranians have promised to rub out all the US bases in Iraq, if there is a war, so the Americans would eventually have to pull out. Nice for Iraq. One million Iraqis have died at the hands of the Americans, so they are a bit ‘naused off’ with the American “peacekeepers”, they could well do without them.

Phase 3: Then the Iranians rub out the four main Saudi oil fields and the one in Bahrain, so that gets rid of the rotten sheiks and the King of Bahrain that is universally detested for this crimes against his people.

Phase 4: Russia and China with Iran’s help rub out Israel. American boys and girls lives will be saved as they won’t have to go and fight wars for the Jews anymore, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia etc etc.

Phase 5:  The American fleet that’s bobbing about like sleepy ducks in the Straits of Hormuz is destroyed.

Phase 6: The only main oil countries left will be Russia, which is a long way from anywhere, Iran who might have had their facilities destroyed, Canada that has not as yet built its pipeline to the US, and Venezuela who have the largest reserves in the world.

Phase 7: Petrol/gas goes to $20 a gallon and it is very scarce.

Phase 8: Crime drops dramatically as the bandits won’t have fuel for their getaway cars, a drive-by shooting on foot is a bit problematic.

Phase 9: People will have to resort to the families and the community to survive in a world where consumption has dropped by 50%.

Phase 10: The bent bankers face their rotten karma and go belly up. Some go to prison for fraud.

Phase 11: There’s a hundred and twenty mile long street party on the San Diego freeway, all are welcome!

So after the American presidential election, please write to the president elect, saying you are peachy keen for a war and you can also write to the bent senators, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you.

When I was shown Gaia’s “conflict encouragement”, I was utterly amazed. She is very clever, it was the exact opposite of what I thought was best. War is ugly but after Iran we could see an end to the Middle East conflicts for ever and enter a new glorious stage.

I wrote in my books that we are in the Empire of the Snake, it’s an era in our human evolution when the global shadow comes out. We knew about it forty years ago. We’ve been waiting to see how it unfolds. I saw a cobra a thousand feet high on Israel’s eastern border, it was hissing, there was another the same size, on Iran’s western border, hissing back at the first one.

World War III is nothing more than a hissy fit, like raving queens bashing each other with their handbags. Bring it on, let’s evolve. Stuart Wilde

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