Physical Beauty

I‘ve often wondered if people that are physically very beautiful are superior spirits.

The reason I questioned it is because, when one sees beings in the inner world that are celestial, they are always very beautiful. I’ve seen Jesus 400+ times he’s like a male supermodel. The Hugo Boss man.

Beautiful women often have an easy life, but on the downside they get hit upon a lot, the danger from perverts is much increased, and they have to deal with the jealousy and negative emotions of other women.

I was in a five year relationship with an English model, who New York Vogue voted one of the seven most beautiful women in the world. She was very refined and generous, but she was a troubled soul, she had a lot of inner child issues from her upbringing that tormented her. She was a contemporary of Kate Moss, they worked together a lot, but she didn’t go into the drink and drugs that Kate Moss has been reputed to take.

Very good looking boys that are heterosexual or gay, are often promiscuous, so they have a different set of issues.

Because the faces of ghoulish people are contorted and asymetrical and often spooky looking, I came to the conclusion that beautiful people are superior spirits, but they don’t get a free ride psychologically or spiritually, as they have to confront their shadows, just like the rest of us.

If you take to the spiritual path and process your shadow, your light will grow and it will bring a radiance that makes you look younger and more beautiful, no matter what age you are. A divine radiance is not necessarily dependent on physical beauty but comes from a deep serenity and an inner joy in one’s heart. Stuart Wilde

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