Why Metaphysics Grants You An Added Perception

Metaphysics has in the past been the domain of dippy, tree huggers and crystal ball gazers and it became the religion of Flower Power and the New Age Travellers, but over the decades since the 1960s it has become more of a true science.

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The science of quantum physics, DNA and the nature of our 3-D world has reached its end, there is very little left to discover, but metaphysics is the study of the inter-dimensional hyperverse, it is vast and it represents the only place research can now go.

I can state as a categorical fact that the inner worlds begin 18 inches from you, if you outstretch your arm those dimensions begin half way between your elbow and your wrist. Outwardly you can travel the extent of the planet, or if you are an astronaut you could go to the moon, but inwardly you are in a 3-D bubble that is 18 inches all around you.

Religions talk of heaven and hell but they know nothing about them and they don’t know where they are. They are not out in the stars or galaxies as previously thought, the beginning of heaven and hell are inches from you, by the time you travel to the tips of your outstretched fingers you are already a foot or so in those dimensions.

If you can enter a trance state and not fall asleep you’ll begin to see the worlds I speak of, hundreds of thousands of humans have begun to see them, as the energy is brighter now, but then there are billions of humans who don’t believe in these ideas. Their logic requires them to see it before they will believe it, but they are scared of it so they don’t see it.

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Once you embark on the inner journey and a power joins you, it grants you perception albeit in very small doses at first, which is to protect you from overwhelm.

That light is a form of grace and grace as I said in my book Grace Gaia and the End of Days, is pure information and that is why metaphysics grants you an addtional perception. The light is not just a pretty illumination, it is a data-feed of vast proportions, greater than anything we humans have ever seen before. A lack of information is a lack of grace, which is why billions of humans exist in a blind spot, where the signal does not reach.

Over the years myself and Khris Krepcik, (www.thehoodedsage.com), who was a student of mine in the past, have written out the exact and precise topography of the inner worlds, and the fractal codes that make up reality and the beings one finds there. I’ve written five million worlds and Krepcik started later, so he may have written 500,000 so far, and others have contributed greatly and so those metaphysical inner worlds are not so much of a mystery any more.

If you activate your pineal gland via meditation or via DMT, you will begin to see for yourself, and once you have the power to “see” it stays with you and it becomes a vital part of your spiritual journey. The religions often forbid such quantum leaps in your perception but that is because once you can “see” you won’t need religion very much, if at all. So their rules are just to prevent you escaping their control.

But the reason why humans are not normally allowed to see is that they are karmically required to deal with their 3-D situation, that is their lesson, planting rice in the paddy field, living with the other tribal members.

But once you have had enough of tick-tock and 3-D, the road less travelled opens up for you and you proceed. There is a glory in it but you have to be brave as you have probably been programmed to be scared of it.

Press ahead, it will help you become safer and more wise and greatly more content. Stuart Wilde

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