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Joe Lieberman, the prominent Zionist US senator received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He wants Obama to control the Internet with censorship.

The authorites have been spooked out after Wikileaks exposed them by posting a million of their secret communications. They are also terrified as the 9/11 truth comes out and implicates the government and Israel.

Rabbi Leiberman Wants Total Control for Fear of Exposure

The alternate media on the Internet is the only true news as all the regular news, CNN, CBS etc is doctored to fit the party line. See Bent New CNN

I said before 60% of Americans don’t watch the network news anymore, it’s the mouth piece of the fascist, Zionist state, in America. So it the same vibe as listening to Hitler’s speeches every night after work. People are cynical they know it’s dangerous and full of lies.

I clicked the site of an American alternate radio show of a highly respected broadcaster Jeff Rense, and an Acccess Denied message came up (see below), saying it was disallowed as it is labelled “occult”. Rense does stories on Fukushima, GMO foods, and the corruption of American politics, but he does not do occult shows or articles. Yet someone has decided to block his site in Ireland.

Broadcaster Jeff Rense (

You can get around it by not using Eircom’s routers (Eircom are a government telephone company) but it’s a hassle. The blockers are called “Imagine” and their subtitle says, “…and anything is possible”, which is straight from Animal Farm speak, because in blocking your right to see sites, nothing is possible. It pretends it is a helpful parental control thing.

An internet engineer told me there are hundreds of file sharing sites that are blocked by the Irish government under the guise of copyright infringement.

Someone in the Imagine organization had to look at Mr. Rense’s site and decided not to allow it. There is no hearing or evidence or fairness, if the adjudicator is a virulent Christian Catholic, or an angry Zionist or a Moslem agitator, they may block 10,000 sites they don’t agree with, just on a whim.

I suggest my regular readers get on the Stuart Wilde A-List, click above, you can always delete yourself later if you change your mind. In this way, if this site goes down or is blocked, then I’ll be able to keep in touch and maybe mount a different site. Surveillance is coming, because the powers that be are terrified of being exposed. As they go more and more towards the Nazi mind set, it’s always the writers and the alternative thinkers they attack fiirst.

The power of the written word pierces the bubble of the grand illusion of their feigned specialness   shows the world how ugly they really are. Stuart Wilde.

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