Internet Lock Down

Regulars here will note I’ve been writing fast and furious recently, I’m worried the Internet will be restricted soon. I like to give you the metaphysical take on things when I can, as that is often the story behind the story.

There is talk of Internet control and surveillance loosely veiled as an anti-terrorist devices. But it’s a load of cobblers, nothing of the sort is true.

The major mouthpieces of the official news in America NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN are losing viewers at an alarming rate. People are fed up with the propaganda. CNN’s figures are down 25% recently. 60% of Americans no longer watch the network news and its nauseous drip feed.

The alternative news on the Internet has replaced the official media lies. Russia Today, an alternative station that is on You Tube a lot, is ten times bigger than CNN. Other alternative sites like Alex Jones and have vast audiences.

The alternative media has exposed Obama’s killer drones, 911, Monsanto & GM foods, contrails, the police state, the bribes American Senators get from Israel, The Federal Reserve, the shysters on Wall Street, Rothschilds, Oppenheimer, Goldman Saks etc. and on and on.

People are very aware nowadays of the manipulation of the Fat Controllers and the way people’s rights are being eroded. There is a revolution brewing to unseat Bernanke and the Zionist control of America, a bloke tried to blow up the Federal Reserve building in NY the other day.

This has spooked the powers-that-be. The terror is that Wikileaks or others, will prove conclusively the involvement of the Jews in 911. There was a major story that broke on the Internet recently by a man who alleges he was Obama’s lover, he detailed Obama’s sexual activities in a gay bathhouse in Chicago. That’s not the kind of story the authorities will allow in the future.

So fascist laws will be enacted to close down the alternative voice and anyone stating “the Jews dun it” will be labeled a terrorist and their sites will be closed down.

Financial writers that say, write about the suspected manipulation by JP Morgan in the silver markets, or the sudden moves in prices due to the manipulation of Bernanke and the Feds, may also be closed down.

Wall Street as a free market is over, and while people may protest, in the end those markets only exist nowadays for the shysters to fleece investors. Volumes have dropped dramatically as investors who have been burned stay away.

So Internet control is bound to come, the authorities can’t risk the truth coming out. Rabbi and senator Joe Lieberman is one of the staunch supporters of an Internet lock down, to protect the Grand Lies, and the Illusion that those in power are honest and decent.

Meanwhile Stuie Wilde is writing as fast as his chubby, little, zucchini fingers can carry him across the keyboard. I do suggest regular readers get on the SW A-list so I can email people if it all goes down the gurgler. Many of you (10,000) have taken up that idea, and many more have not. Stuart Wilde.

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