Healing the Victim of a Murder Attempt

I met a woman in Las Vegas at the gig, who had such an interesting tale to tell. She had survived a murder attempt, she woke to find a man in her bedroom. Luckily she was able to raise an alarm with her mobile phone. Later the man, who was called David, murdered a different woman.

I’ve edited what the lady wrote as her email was quite long. We have all suffered at times, to hear how another triumphed helps us get stronger. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

Email from Ms. A. CA USA

“LV was such a great event~ every aspect of my entire life here has completely changed and I’m just now able to sit down and write about this.Many years ago, after I was almost murdered, I became very, very closed down.  My heart began having major problems and would stop sometimes – I would faint and come back frightened – the doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong.

I decided to take the trip to LV as soon as it was offered – I trusted that I would be okay to drive from California to LV on my own and go alone.  This was a big step for me as I was afraid to do so.  After the healing on Friday evening, something aligned within me and I became very open the next morning. I don’t know what happened, only that I felt completely open.  Life became extremely colorful.

I remembered the “Tea with Hitler” meditation that Stuart spoke about and thought about creating a meditation where I would have lunch with my would be murderer, David.  I didn’t know if I could do this or not, but just thought I could try.  I sat with him, in a nice place and enjoyed his company.  I asked him questions about his work, if he did any creative work, stuff like that.  I really looked at him and felt love for him.  I hugged him when we started to leave.  I never thought to ask why he tried to kill me or why he killed the girl who came after me.  I was just in the moment and was filled with all the love I’ve ever felt.  I have never felt so open before.  Life is colorful now and filled with light…I feel absolutely free.

Upon arriving home, I was offered a full time position with a company I love – I will have more freedom to take more trips and go on more adventures now.  They offered me health insurance so I can go and get my heart checked – but I have not had any heart issues over these past few weeks – my heart is feeling normal and rhythmic.  I feel more love now than I have ever felt before – the openness has grown.  I no longer have violent nightmares – I sleep peacefully and can remember my dreams again.  I live in my heart now, no longer in my head, no longer in my fear. I have compassion for people who are afraid, as I understand now.  My heart is filled with love and it just comes out – I can’t help it.  I can no longer deny this…It is just here and I am very grateful and so calmly excited to feel this way.”

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