Halloween Scream

Halloween came originally from the Celts, two thousand years ago. It was the festival of the king of the dead, Samhain, which was celebrated on the eve of the first day of the Celtic New Year, November 1st. The early Christians celebrated All Hallows’ Eve, the festival of dead saints and martyrs. It was also known as Hallomas. In Catholicism, it is celebrated on November 2nd as All Souls’ Day.

Whatever you call it, it is the ghoul’s most important day of the year. They get to program the children at a young age to think that darkness is safe and not real. ‘Candy and fun times for the kids’ is how we are programmed to misunderstand it. It’s a ghoul trick. Just as the abductor or the pedophile might offer candy as entrapment.

If you concentrate on evil you bring it to you. If you study UFOs for example, they come and find you. The Grays can walk through your wall and make you very sick. The first symptoms are paranoia and mild depression. Hollywood sells the transdimensionals as child-friendly characters that just want to go home. That is a big lie. Why do you think Hollywood churns out so many horror movies for kids, especially in the summer months when they have time on their hands. That is not just an accident of marketing. It’s programming.

If you dress up in costume and call yourself a vampire, you pull to you all those places in the mirror-world where human vampire-like beings actually exist. Nothing that is evil has ever gone away. It all exits in the mirror-world, or, in and amongst us, right here. Those beings and the evil they exude are eternal, just as good is eternal. If you wonder what is real and what is not, tell yourself, “everything is real.” You won’t be wrong very often, if ever. It will all be proven in the end. Trust me on that one. “There will be a show halloween night on trampoline.” Remember that?

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