Gollums in Wellington NZ

Smiegel the Gollum from Lord of the Rings

The authorities in Wellington NZ have erected an oversized Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in the airport. People’s ignorance puts others in danger. I explained in a recent article about Spielberg’s disservice to children with his ET film. The Greys are not cute dolls, they are devil beings in the inner worlds, it’s dangerous to promote the soul capture of children. See SW article: Spielberg’s Great ET Con Trick.

Gollum Statue in Wellington NZ

The Gollums are a species or type of inner world being, they are not just a character in a book. They are very real and very ugly, they seek to draw people towards suicide. Their speciality is human despair. They feed off that emotion. The Gollums at the airport would bring the beings in in vast numbers, and they would play on the fears that people have of flying.

Granville Island Bridge is about 40 feet above the Ground on the Other Side

I was on my bed in Vancouver in an apartment that is beside the Granville Island bridge. I saw a vision of a Gollum in the street below going through a metal fence of an unused lot. I ran to my kitchen window to see if I could see him and destroy him. He hid away.

Five hours later at dawn, a man jumped to his death from the bridge. He went through a small tree and landed on the sidewalk below my kitchen window at the very spot where the Gollum was earlier.

I stayed with the corpse and prayed for him until the police came. I was 100% certain the man’s death was linked to the Gollum I saw.

The Gollums promote depression and despair. They are birthed from Gollum mothers that are huge. Imagine a two-story house with 8-10 rooms, they are that size. Each birthing delivers 1000 Gollums, it takes them about four hours. I have never seen a Gollum father.

One night we came across three of the Gollum mothers in the inner worlds and we destroyed them. The next day 6000-7000 Gollums (there were too many to count accurately) appeared before us. They stretched far into the distance. They were angry at the deaths of their birthing mothers, they wanted to attack us. All the 6000-7000 Gollums died that night, none survived their attack on us.

Suicides will jump dramatically in Wellington NZ, thanks to the fact the authorities are not aware of the danger. Sad but true.

The Inner World Devils

There are tens of thousands of inner world devils, flying reptiles, black imps, mechanical beings that I named the “Clunkers”, and ghouls of one species or another.

There is a group in there that look like skeletons joined together with cobwebs. I named them the Cobweb People. They are very etherically dirty. When they come about, they place their cobwebs on you, and you’ll feel your face, especially your forehead, itch like crazy for hours on end. Lavender stops it.

I consider myself an expert on the devil beings and their worlds, as I’ve spent 4500 hours in trance in their dimensions seeking them out. They are not hard to find there are trillions of them. I was given a purple dot that fires off my fingers. It travels in a curved trajectory like a guided missile. When it hits the ghouls they shudder and drop to an inert state.

Each ghoul has a number of different ghouls inside it. When the main one get hit the other ghouls jump out, always to their left ,almost never to their right. I believe it is something to do with the spin of the earth. The ghouls within another ghoul makes it impossible to accurately count their casualties. But there are vast beings I have fought (with others) that have a 100 million ghouls inside each of them.

The world of the ghouls is cold, they are attracted to the light for heat. When they come they get fried, usually at about four feet from you depending on how far your light goes out.

The function of this era of humanity is to evoke the human shadow to come out, which has been well hidden for 7000 years since civilization began in Sumeria. As the shadow comes out the ghouls that are incubated (brought alive) inside humans, or those that remain there for the heat, will be exposed and destroyed. When the ghouls die their human host collapses, as that which sustains them is gone and the protection the ghouls provide for evil people is stripped bare. Bombast is replaced by terror.

I first saw this death of the ghouls eleven years ago, untold numbers have perished since, when they are all gone the world will be free. No one could see them in the past but the morph phenomena, which came in 2001, lit them up for us in plain sight.

So there is a lot of hope. There are vast armies in the world of the Hindu gods that fight from their side of things so it is not all down to us. The human fighters clear spots for the Golden Armies to land. The light of the Golden Buddha and the Christ Consciousness are part of the fight along with Kalki and the Hindus. All the Gods are linked to each other. Some of the celestial beings are half-man half-animal, when I first saw them I named them “manimals”.

The Centaurs Fights with the Celestial Armies.

The Restoration is in fact the birth of a Golden Age that follows the death of specialness, racism, sexual abuse and the collective human corruption and evil.

It’s all good in the Shire. Our time has come, albeit very tentatively for now. Stuart Wilde

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