British Papers Unfairly Trashing Icke

David Icke at Wembley

David Icke appeared at Wembley on Saturday for an 10 hours of lectures.

The Daily Telegraph and the Sun newspapers trashed him as a nutter. The journalists can’t hear what he’s saying.

The Sun made a big issue about the fact he sells books and T shirts to his followers, like every football club in Britain does every Saturday.

The Headline from the Sun newspaper said:

“We’re all holograms ruled by reptiles (and the Queen’s fuelled by children’s blood)” — claims David Icke.

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Humans are multidimensional, we exist in a non-solid state, myself and others have seen a human dematerialize over 1000 times in the last seven years, we are definitely in a hologram. It’s a fact.

And Icke is right that the world is run from a multi-dimensional hell world. It has over 960 levels in it like layers of a cake, the reptiles are near the bottom, the darkest place, they rule the roost. They can talk to the human mind in secret via telepathy, and so they control all the violence, hate and supremacist thinking. All the evil in the world is being prompted and manipulated by them to humans of “like mind”, who then carry it out of their own accord.

I have no evidence against the Queen, Icke may be right, I don’t know, but I have fought with black magicians that drink the blood of children in sex ceremonies where they evoke the power of the Devil. The inner world ghouls are attracted to blood because blood is warm, and their hell world dimension is cold. I discovered a decade ago that hell is cold, not hot as it says in the Bible.

Violent blood cults like the Roman Empire were ghoul-driven, demonically possessed by an evil that they could not see that took them over. Cruelty is a manifestation of the reptilian agenda.

The real truth of things is so extraordinary that people can’t believe it. It was the French poet Charles Beaudelaire that said, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was by convincing people he did not exist.” David Icke gets lot of stick, but then you’d imagine the journalists that trash him might well be agents of the ghouls that don’t want the message out.

I can tell if a person is demonically possessed at 30-40 yards away. The affliction is not rare. I’d see 5 to 10 of  them while I’m walking thirty yards from my car to the pub. Outwardly they often look normal but there are tell tale signs in their eyes, and they often twitch.

I have a compassion for them, but I can’t fix them from afar. I have to touch them and do a process on them to fix them, it only takes a few minutes. I’ve done 90+ demonic possessions recently.  I’m happy to say I’ve got a 100% success rate with the ones I’ve worked on.

Stay warm and be humble, you can fry a hundred ghouls with your light walking down the high street, without knowing you are doing it. Stuart Wilde

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