Black Snow & White Foot Steps

White Footsteps in Black Snow

I saw a vision of a street and its sidewalk, it was covered with black snow. There was a lady walking along, she left bright, white, celestial footsteps behind her.

People understand the light in them goes outwards to others, sensitives and people that can “see” know that, and I’ve seen many visions of the fractal tubes leaving people’s heads and shoulders. But the idea that energy goes downwards, into the road say, from our feet is different.

The ghouls are often under us so the light going down from our feet must help to destroy them. I’m sure it also helps Gaia in some way, purifying the ground.

Then I saw an utterly bizarre vision of a child about twelve years old, hovering over the delegates at this year’s Republican Convention in the USA. The child’s feet were bare, and I watched as complex, celestial codes in the form of tubes and swirls of energy, came off his feet and covered the delegates. Very strange.

I’ve seen healers that place their bare feet against the feet of the people they are working on. I understand it now.

As you are walking about it seems you leave a trace of light. Maybe others that step in the same place pick up on it, and definitely the ghouls die as you walk along. Interesting eh?  Stuart Wilde (


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