Aslan the Lion & the Vatican

I saw a vision of the Vatican, the obelisk in the center of the piazza in front of the basilica was gone, and there were no people there.

Instead, sitting in the center of it all, was a huge white lion. It reminded me of Aslan, the lion from the Narnia stories, in which he represents Jesus or God. He comes to protect the young children and bring an end to the winter of the witch.

“Aslan is very wise, and a powerful force for good, but as Narnians often say, ‘He’s not a tame lion.’ He can be dangerous, and is an unconquerable enemy”. (Wikipedia)

I often wondered what would happen when God showed up at the Vatican, the pederasts ( see link below) and the violators and the black magicians and the chanters of Satanic spells would become like dust in the wind, carried away to their fate…

…and the faithful could believe once more in peace and safety. The time has arrived. Stuart Wilde (

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