The Chalice

I saw a baby floating in the golden chalice of the Holy Grail. It seemed so special as it lay there calm and content. I wondered if it were the son or daughter of God.

Soon, its mother took it into her arms and brought it here to earth. Many tried to kill the child, but their efforts were in vain. It was always protected by angels, and anyway its mother never slept lest anything should happen to it.

A great darkness fell upon the earth, and many perished. I wondered if the baby was safe. I saw a life raft out at sea, at night, floating on troubled water that was very dark, deep and ominous. Huddled in the crowded boat were six hundred people shoulder to shoulder, many had coats pulled up over their heads, sheltering from the storm.

In the middle of the boat was the child wrapped in a plum-colored blanket, safe and sound on an old woman’s lap. I couldn’t see the old woman’s face, but it seemed that the baby’s mother was very busy on the rudder, steering.

The boat’s occupants all survived and the baby made it safely to the opposite shore. It had to. The world would have ended if it had perished.

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