The Unicorns

The magical animals like the white tiger and the white lion and the white zebra, appear to me all the time during the healings, they are there for the protection of humans.


Sometimes I see the unicorns, one day one appeared in front of me and it placed its horn in my heart and a healing wave entered my body.

I was working on a paraplegic man in a wheelchair, he had had an accident, which made him paralyzed, he was in great pain. While I was working on him I saw a unicorn place its horn in the man’s spine. His pain went, I hope he walks again soon.

There are black unicorns as well as white ones in the Aluna world. They are not evil, just a different color.


While I was working on a small child, he told his mother that he had just seen a black unicorn, the little kid was very excited. It’s a great privilege to see the unicorns, a spiritual gift for us. They come from a dimension that we call the Magical Forest, it’s a Gaia, She She La La world. Stuart Wilde

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