The New Sunrise

The Winter Solstice heralds the birth of the new sun. It’s a powerful time, the old can be set aside and a new affirmation made. I said back in the mid 90s that the world would spit into two evolutions, one that was regressive and fundamentalist, elitist and violent, and one that was open and spiritual and inclusive of others rather than exclusive.

The Morph phenomena that looks like swirls of dry mist in a room is getting stronger and stronger, thousands have seen it now and it is beginning to expose the dark recesses of the human shadow as well as showing us a host of transdimensional beings that are around us all of the time. That is why those photos of flying orbs are very common nowadays.

So we’ll see the closed parabola of regressive energy brought out into the open, which is why there are so much exposé in the media of torture and mistreatment, corruption and state-sponsored violence. Tyranny is not protected as well as before all manner of darkness is popping out.

Humanity has to see its evil and own it, and each decides if he or she will regress or open up and progress. We are on a cusp. You can stay in the conflict or you can walk away, you can embrace love and kindness or you can chose elitism and separation. A warm knife is slicing through the soul of our humanity dividing the warm humans from the ones that are elitist, cold and corrupt. It will cause is shudder in our human evolution—a shiver, like the way a deer shivers in the forest when it is scared; this etheric shudder will shake out humanity, just as cream separates from the rest of the milk. It is utterly mesmerizing to watch for one could say that the last judgment has begun but it is at a very deep level where it can hardly be seen.

The emphasis is not so much crime and punishment it is more a verdict based on heat or a lack of heat. You will not be judge on your achievements or your conquests or even how many children you successfully raised, in the end it is only the warmth of your heart that counts. Were you fair or cruel, kind or mean, warm or cold? Coldness is silent hatred. It is a terrible blot on your soul from which you will never escape unless you agree to let go and warm up.

The great correction is upon us and so each is offered the chance to come back from the brink. If they take it, they move to the open parabola and they self-correct gradually over time, and if they decline the inward pulling nature of the regressive parabola of evolution pulls the enforced correction to them ever more quickly. I believe you will see this coming towards our society with an ever-gathering intensity.

It is time to surrender and make peace and embrace warmth.

Here below is a short meditation process for the Winter Solstice.  I have posted details of the annual Taoist Tapping Ceremony, December 19th- 23rd, held in Ireland with Stuart Wilde.

click Tapping Ceremony for further details.

If you do the meditation process as instructed you’ll feel yourself flying off to another world. It’s strong; don’t stand on the edge of a cliff when you are doing it, the process can make you wobble. It’s the shudder in the etheric that causes you to be unsteady.


Five-Minute Winter Solstice Meditation

The First Liberation is to make peace with the world. You can use one of the nights of the winter solstice, December 21st – 23rd, this is the most powerful time of the year.

At midnight go outside or stand on a balcony and face north. Take an ice cube with you in your left hand. And place your right hand on your heart and take three breaths and relax.

Then in your mind’s eye bring up anyone that you hold rancor or resentment toward? people that have ripped you off or treated you badly. Bring the first one up in your mind’s eye and breathe them in eleven times as you breathe out send them love and wish them well in life, release them from your energy. Then bring up the next one and so forth until you are done.

Then when you finish take eleven very special breaths for yourself; forgive yourself for any shortcomings and vow to become a better person in this next year.

The ice-cube it there to remind you of the freezing cold ambience of hell, which is not a static dimension, it moves towards you when you harbor anger, resentment and thoughts of violence and vengeance and so forth.

This process done correctly causes a shiver in your energy it’s a slide sideways, it liberates you; there is a celestial dimension beside you at 90º.

Bye for now, Stuie Wilde

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