Saying Goodbye, Leaving and Smiling

Today we are living through in a replay of the rise of fascism and Hitler’s 1930s, it is important to remember what we learned from history. You must not be scared of it. For tyranny to be destroyed it has to come out first. And anyway you can escape it, all see below.

Here’s something you may not know. It was a documented fact that there were 500,000 Jews in Germany in 1933, they declared war on Germany because Hitler would not recognize their right to Israel. It was an economic war mostly, the boycott of German goods etc.

Hitler retaliated, he made them wear the Star of David on their clothes under the pretext of identifying the enemies of the German State. But he did allowed them to emigrate.

By 1939 when the war started 90% of the German Jews had left for New York, London, Australia and other places. Very few people know that. Eventually Hitler forced the rest of German Jews (60,000) into the Warsaw ghetto, some of the people in the ghetto were not Germans, so a guesstimate might be 50,000 out of the 500,000 German Jews wound up in that terrible place to suffer the Holocaust that happened later. The rest fled years before.

The Jews were not allowed to take their assets with them when leaving Germany. So each of these tormented people had to make the stark choice of leaving all their possessions behind to escape the Nazis and stay alive, or to stay. Some could not make that decision so they remained behind to suffer the holocaust. The 450,000 that emigrated passed the war safe in their beds in other countries. With history repeating itself right now, we should take note of the need to be able to jump ship if needs be. It may be several years yet so there is no reason to panic.

The moral of the story is that when the full-blown fascist state comes to America, Australia, Britain, etc you have to plan an exit, and take all of your money with you, there is no reason to be hasty, but you have to work out well in advance where will you go? Europe, Canada, South America?

It makes sense to visit the place you will flee to if you don’t know it well, and figure out where you will live and what you will do when you get there. Maybe even open a bank account there, and start shifting cash overseas in advance in small amounts, in case exchange controls are imposed during an economic collapse. It is not illegal for Americans to have a foreign bank account, they just have to declare it on their tax return.

If you are an American living outside America, you have to file an annual tax return at your local American embassy, even if you have earned no money in the States, and therefore you would file a zero return, but you are not required to pay American taxes, if you live abroad. That might be a big incentive if you feel oppressed by the American tax laws. You can legally avoid them.

Simple solutions are best, Flee-dom and the open road. Stuart Wilde

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