The Mormon’s Magic Underpants

It’s possible that Mormon Mitt Romney may become President of the United States. Mormons believe God lives on a planet called Kolab.

They also believe that black people sinned in another incarnation, so that is why they were born black this time. I think it’s faintly possible they might be black because they come from Africa and it’s bloody hot there. They can’t be pale pink or nicotine yellow can they? I’m not sure why the Mormons haven’t thought of that. I was raised in Africa I don’t like racism.

The Mormans wear magic underpants, here below is a video on it.

And they forcebly marry off young virgins to old men in the church. The Viagra trucks run day and night to Salt Lake City, 24/7. It’s all very abusive of woman, who seem to be regarded as possessions and chattels, not nice. If you are a Mormon virgin I respectfully suggest you have a bonk as fast as you can, or you might wind up having to have sex with a smelly old skeleton with flappy skin on it.

Morman men can have many wives, one of their funding fathers had 50 wives. Imagine the sexual and urinary diseases zooming around. Eek, don’t go there!

Vote Romney for a fast track to Kolab…. 

and a possible dose of the clap !

Poor America I feel so sad for her people. They have been hijacked. It’s so deeply insane.

Obama is the choice of the Jews and they control the American media ABC, CNN, NBC etc, and they control the Diebold voting machines, the American people are not involved in the election very much at all. But Obama refuses to attack Iran so Romney may be annointed President instead. He’s peachy keen on slaughtering the Iranians. Eek!

“Kosher Karma Out with Obama !” We may all be wearing “Kolab is Kool” tee shirts soon.

I can’t cope with six wives. I’m far too childlike and hopeless. One wife was more than I could cope with, then years later I did try a second wife just in case I’d improved a bit, she was very kind to me, but I hadn’t improved one jot sad to say. I was still about six years old in my soul. It’s humble to stumble so they say.  

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