Dimensions in the Delta Brain Wave

The reason humans can’t see the dimensions around them is because their brain cells are oscillating too fast.

In the waking state they are going at 7-14 cycles a second, in the trance meditative state they are at about 4-7 cycles. And below that is the delta state at 2-4 cycles a second.

Sometimes when you wake up you are still in delta for about 30 seconds or less. During that time you’ll see portals to another world, or even beings in the room. I’ve never seen a ghoul being on waking, but I have seen celestial things.

One day recently I saw a pink rose drop from the ceiling in slow motion, when an object hits the outer edge of your etheric life force field about 18 inches from your body, it pops like a soap bubble or it dematerializes. I used the rose that I saw as part of my Spiritual Healings image, pictured here.

Some times you’ll see spiders with their little legs pumping, the first time I saw them they made me jump, I tried catching them and killing them, they know what you are doing so they move away from you very fast. They can move quicker than a human can move his or her hand.

They come from etheric dirt, which may not be your own, there is an area of Vancouver on Hastings and Pender that is full of homeless people and crack addicts. The few times I’ve had to drive through there the spiders followed me home.

A Spider from Nebraska

The spiders are attracted to the human condition, the life force field you emit, which of course is created in part from your beating heart, and the electricity moving through your nervous system, and in part it comes from the action of 8 pints of blood moving through your veins, which you can imagine is a lot of activity.

The spiders are not really scary once you get used to them, they are sweet little beings, I have a compassion for them. They are not anymore scary than bacteria on your skin that you can’t see.

I was on a plane at 39,000 feet today sleeping, as I woke I saw a celestial being, a female, right there in front of me, she had the Horn of Cornucopia in her hands.

You might wonder how does a being get up to 39,000 feet but her dimension is on a vector, a direction that is placed in spatial relationship to me. If I had woken up the other way round she would have been behind the seat not in front of it. If I could have stood up and spun round gently she would have changed position as I turned. She would have come round with me.

Then I fell asleep one more time, and the next time I woke I saw Diana, the Princess of Wales, just a few feet from me. She wore a coronet like the one she had on the day she married.

Something is going to happen soon, I’ve seen loads of visions of the Queen and her husband recently. I’ll be happy when the story of Diana’s murder comes out officially. Then, if the shocking lies of Bush and 9/11 follow the week after, the world will be turned on its head.

I saw Piers Morgan, he took over from Larry King, who was a brilliant broadcaster, Morgan is arrogant, pushy and dogmatic. He likes to fight with the people he’s interviewing. I can’t imagine how many viewers CNN have lost since they appointed that twit in Larry King’s place.

Morgan was interviewing Jesse Ventura, who spends a lot of his time reminding us that he was a Navy Seal—yawn, yawn. Ventura was talking about 9/11 and the fact that the third building WT7 collapsed as a controlled demolition, without having been hit by anything. It was, as you might already know, the building where it is alleged that the records of the 2.2 trillion dollar fraud of the Defense Department were kept, which is why the building was knocked over.

Piers Morgan got really angry with Ventura and Morgan kept spouting the official party line that 9/11 was done by some trainee Cessna pilots in possession of box cutters. Maybe Bush’s mum likes to believe that, but I am sure that almost nobody else does!

The tragedy of Diana and the 2900 people that fell out of the sky on 9/11 are linked. This is because the events lay in a dimension of evil like the massacres in Rwanda (1994), a dimension whose edifice is sustained by cruelty and lies. The very essence of that evil place is to be undermined and exposed. Bush will fall from a great height as his victims did when the buildings collapsed. One of these days the Devil is going to want him back. And while the Devil’s here there may be a few others he’d like to collect to save himself trucking back and forth.

Hold steady, our time will come. Stuart Wilde

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