Communicating Silently

I have come to know through watching the etheric state (the bioelectric energy field we walk around in) that we are all in a silent, subliminal dialogue with each other. I’ve observed the flashes of energy that pass back and forth between people, and I’ve seen people react to thoughts that are projected towards them. Thoughts jump. How many times have you been thinking about something obscure and the person next to you mentions the very thing you have been thinking about?

Silent communication generally comes about when you are thinking in the direction of another person rather than concentrating inwardly toward your own thoughts and emotions. You have to set your mind to one side and concentrate on others. It’s hard to stop your mind talking, it likes listening to itself.

Silent communication can be in the form of prayers or silent affirmations for the well being of others. Then there is actual mental dialogue that is spoken in the direction of another person. It is telepathic transfer of energy, and hopefully it is silent dialogue that offers love or encouragement of some sort.

In Paris recently, I was watching a middle-aged lady walking into a cafe; she looked a bit stressed out. I asked her silently, are you afraid? She turned toward me and nodded. I asked, are you sick? She shook her head. I breathed love into her heart. She passed behind me and took a seat. Minutes later a tall man in his seventies came by. He looked in pain. I asked silently, do your lungs hurt? He grabbed his shirt with his right hand and he looked at me helplessly, it was the look of a small child begging a grown-up for assistance. I told him silently, drink lots of water, almost all lung complaints are caused by dehydration.

In passing I’d say almost all fear is nothing more than dehydration. When your body is dehydrated your cells die in great quantities without you being aware of it. That affects your sense of security. Two large bottles of mineral water each day with a lecithin tablet each time, re-hydrates your body over a period of a week or so.

I’m walking through the customs hall in Philadelphia, the official stops me. He wants to look inside a metal flight case I carry. I touch him on the side of the head saying mentally, it’s a soft warm feeling I project, I say mentally, “it’s safe, I need to go now”. He hesitates and points to the case as if requesting that I open it. Again I say silently, it’s safe, I need to go now. He pulls his hand back and asks, “Are those computers?”

I answer audibly, “Yes Sir”.

“Okay”, he says, and he waves me through.

When you talk silently to people, look at their right temple, and blank your mind. You just tap them with your thought; blink once as the thought goes across. The more subtle the better. The harder you try the less effective you are. Soft and subtle, that is the way. Morphic resonance is the language of force fields talking to each other, your brain is a complex force field that stores and receives information in the form of wave packets. We have a holographic brain inside a holographic universe; there is no distance between anything. We are all connected. We are inside the same global mind, the global subconscious.

This is why in the etheric state; you have the ability to step into the subtle energy of another person. For example, in my Developing the Sixth Sense tape series. I talk about moving the etheric (the subtle body) out of your physical body, turning your subtle body to face you, and then stepping backwards with your etheric into the physical body of a person you’re talking to. Visiting another person etherically in this way is okay, providing you’re not manipulating them or making them do things they don’t want to do. It’s a way of being with them, concentrating on that person. In the end, concentration is a form of love; when you’re focusing upon a person, you are in the act of loving them.

Try this: Start projecting love to people as you pass them in the street. The idea is to imagine (generate) a deep and resonating sense of love in your heart and expel a short breath; send the love in another person’s direction – try to hit them in the heart with your love missile. Pick total strangers. Velocity is the key. Breathe out a short sharp breath and use the force of your will, and whack ’em hard in the heart with all the love you can muster.

And as you touch them etherically with your fast-moving dollop of love, notice them blink or move their eyes suddenly. Sometimes you’ll see them turn around like they’re looking for where the energy came from, but they don’t understand what it is they are feeling. Often you’ll see them smile, and sometimes they’ll start talking to themselves. It’s a fun game, but it tires you out after a while, so don’t overdo it.

Health warning: If you manipulate or project evil, or you use your powers to the detriment of others, you create a lot of bad karma. Gradually those evil thoughts and projections move from their initial evil state, and they begin to solidify in another world. They take on a phantasmagoric form that comes alive and gradually develops a mind of its own. It needs energy to sustain itself, and the first available source of energy is your life force, so the phantom you have created by your thoughts starts to suck on you, making you sick, tired, and listless. Eventually it can kill you. Your monster eats you – slurp.

Remember many modern diseases are cold diseases that come from self-importance, and elitism. Certain cells attempt to become more important than others. They try for specialness and immortality (diseases of the ego), and in doing so they bring down the whole system, killing it. The universe knows how to get rid of you if it doesn’t fancy your stuff anymore.

If you want to see what hatred looks like in the fluids of your body go to the article here on Information and Water you’ll be surprised.

Bye now, God bless.

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