Bad Moon Rising…UFOs

I saw a vision of the moon, it was covered in dark fractals and there were two large chariot wheels on the surface. The chariot wheels signify UFOs, like Ezekiel’s chariots in the sky in the Bible.


Seems like there is a nest of UFOs up there, the lunar astronauts said they saw them. Icke says the moon is hollow and the Illuminati are beaming down an evil pulse to earth from there. But I’m not sure that is right.

If the moon were hollow it would not have the same mass and the tides here would not go up and down as they do. Probably the evil pulse is from the inner worlds, not the moon. But the UFOs do navigate by the moon so Icke’s link to the moon is right.

In 2001 I was sent because of visions to Scotland for forty days and forty nights. I was told to lay low and wait to strike the fox at the lunar eclipse. The fox is the inner world symbol for the king of the UFO because he’s tricky like the UFOs are, so I waited.

And on the night of the lunar eclipse I saw visions of the UFOs, they were disoriented and flying about in jerky spastic motions, they seemed like sitting ducks. The celestial forces inflicted heavy damage on them during the eclipse, which might have lasted an hour or so. So there is some strange link between the UFOs and the light of the moon.

The UFOs are devil beings like fallen angels, that can morph into various shapes and fly. In the late 1800s they appeared as hot air balloons, then in the 1940s during the war, they morphed into fighter planes, called foo fighters. Once the Germans invented the Vril circular crafts in 1945, the UFOs appeared as disks (1947), later when the Concord and the American triangular fighter planes took to the air, the UFOs changed again to become flying triangles. Once the MIR space station was in orbit the UFOs sometimes morphed to look like an orbiting space stations.

Their plot is to con humans, and to get into people’s mind and get their attention, so they morph into the latest technology, and fly about in a peak-a-boo way, intriguing people. They like to pretend they are superior beings with a higher knowledge. They are as thick as two planks, they couldn’t hammer a nail in a wall.  I used to drop my pants and moon them to show they I wasn’t scared anymore.

The UFOs are etheric beings that morph into 3-D from a near-by hell world. In any patch of clear sky there are 200 overhead that you can’t see. Saucers, triangles, flying oil barrels, walking stick shaped UFO, but the most of them are irregular shaped brown blobs, like flying excrement.

Periodically the UFOs come out of hiding and they morph for a short while into an object humans can see flying overhead. This morph appearance doesn’t last long because they don’t have the power to sustain it, usually ten minutes, or half an hour at the most, sometimes longer.

UFO fleet Over Guadalajara, Mexico

The UFOs seek your attention in order to abduct your soul to their hell world and make you a slave. They are linked to native tribal blood, if you are not of native blood you can’t be abducted. That is why they are so hot and heavy over Mexico, as there are a lot of people there of native blood, or they have remnants of native blood. Interesting eh?

It’s also why Mexico has become a hell on earth over the years. The UFOs use telepathy, so they can read your mind and offer you devilish suggestions. As the UFOs crept into the minds of the Mexican people, the people degraded rapidly, and they took to hellish and abusive ways with a great violence.

In 2001, I was given two celestial bangles on my wrists, the one on my left wrist flew like a missile. The one on the right did not fly, it provided power for the one on the left in some way I did not understand. When I flicked my left wrist a small triangle flew through the air in a curved trajectory like a missile, it would hit the UFOs. It never missed. They would wobble like jelly (Jello) on a plate and then fall. They are not solid craft, they are devil beings, so there was no debris.

I made no impact on the total UFO numbers as I probably only knocked down a few hundred in those days of the bangles. I think the bangles were more of a psychological move by the celestial forces to show the UFOs that humans could see the UFOs when they were hiding overhead, and that we had the eventual power to destroy them. I still have the bangles, but I can’t see them on my wrists nowadays except in visions sometimes, but when there is a nest of UFOs overhead the left bangle prickles on my skin as a warning, and I flick it anyway even though I can’t see it fly anymore.

As the world has become nastier and more cruel and fearful, the UFO numbers have increased dramatically.
But the celestial beings are here to rub them all out. Maybe 100,000 humans will be given the bangles on the same day and in a week or two the UFOs will all be destroyed.

But the day will come when there will be none to see, not here or on the moon. The time of this galactic riff-raff is soon to be over. Stuart Wilde

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