Metaphysics is a Science not a Religion

Old metaphysics was studied by students of Latin and Greek but because it did not have any practical applications it’s fallen by the wayside in the universities.

Modern metaphysics was born in the New Age movement but it was all a bit dippy: Crystals, spirit guides and talk about the colors of your aura. Christian fundamentalists saw it as a threat, they labeled it a cult activity.

But metaphysics is really the king of all the sciences because the study of this world has been done to death and metaphysics in its highest form is the study of perception, awareness and other world realities.

The Matterhorn

If a hundred people walk down a road and they see a mountain in the distance, the Matterhorn say, they can agree that mountain exists and they can loosely agree where it is, say 10 miles up the road. When modern metaphysics first started there were not many expert observers or proper teachers.

Later the topography or geography of the inner worlds was mapped out by myself and writers like Khris Krepcik, and other researchers, in the end we numbered in tens of thousands. Metaphysics went from woo-woo to science over a period of about fifty years 1960-2012.

Dimensions are vectors, visualize it like this. Put one end of a long piece of string on your chest and have a mate take the other end up the stairs so the angle between you both is 45 degrees up, half way between the floor and vertical. If your friend is standing at the direction of north-north-east that is the vector I named 45-up right. Later mathematics proved dimensions are vectors.

We presume vectors go through this universe into parallel universes and beyond. Put a large bead on the string less than 18 inches form your chest, that’s this universe, then put other beads along the string, as many as you like, they represent other universes….Our universe is minute compared to the other worlds of inner space that we named the Hyperverse.

Two Pyramids Base-to-Base

Our reality is made up of point particles, imagine it like the apex of a pyramid. But there are two pyramids base-to-base, one is in a mirror world.

The bottom pyramid rises through its shared floor while the top pyramid collapses through the same floor to become the bottom pyramid. The two pyramids interchange many times a second, when both pyramids are flat at the floor level, at the same time, reality disappears, but you don’t see it happen as it’s too fast. Anything that occurs faster than 1/30thof a second is beyond what the naked eye can see.

The Vectors of the Two Pyramids Add up to 2704

I was given in visions the numerical vectors of the two pyramids which to my amazement added up to 2704, which is the square root of 52. So if one divides 52 by 2 because there are two pyramids, one comes to 26 dimensions. Physicist Michio Kaku postulated mathematically a 26 dimensional hyperspace and he’s right.

Religions offers their members concepts of heaven and hell but they don’t know where they are. NNE 45-up right is a heaven world, a dimension of golden light beings, but it is not the only heaven world.

Next it will be proven thoughts travel in an instant because the mirror world is everywhere, you are never more than 18 inches from a loved one and your enemies are that close as well, which might sound scary but it turned out very handy, beyond useful some say.

And animals are intelligent and they have souls and emotions, and your Higher Self (your soul let us say) is behind you in a mirror-world at 180 degrees ‘round the compass, where south is if you are facing north. Flowers emit music, and there are colors in the mirror-world that hardly anyone on earth has ever seen— new colors. You can’t describe them, sort of blue but not blue, sort of gold but not gold. It’s a bit silly trying.

If you travel into another dimension beyond 3-D you will find no horizon, so you can’t tell if you are upside down or the right way up, that can make you rather queasy. In those inner worlds this universe could fit in the palm of your hand, and eternity has no future, because it exists in a perpetual now.

Okay more later bye for now. Stuart Wilde

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