Jesus & the Pig

I saw a vision of Jesus forty feet high, he was on Burrard Street in Vancouver, he had a pig under his arm. It may sound rather bizarre but there is a very deep meaning to it.

In 2001 a woman drove 800 klms to my house in Milton Australia, to tell me she had a vision that at the end we’d see an apparition in the sky of a pig upside down. I listened to her story and I did not think much about it until the next day when a huge apparition appeared in the sky above my house of a pig with its feet in the air. It was titled at an angle on a diagonal so not totally upside down. It stayed for four hours or more, till night fall.

The pig represents the death of the ego consumption and the subsequent Renewal— it’s the end, so the vision of Jesus with the pig under his arm says to me that all is well, he is custodian of the end. It says in Revelation he’s Alpha (the beginning), and Omega (the end). So the pig is an affirmation of that same statement.

I don’t believe the world will end and then the world we know may change. Change is good. It will allow spiritual people to breathe.  Stuart Wilde

P.S. The reason Jesus is the end and the beginning is that he is going round a field that is in the shape of a Mobius strip. When Jesus travels around the bend in the strip he shifts from forwards in time to backwards in time and vice versa. Not so easy to understand but very cool eh?

The Mobius Strip

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