The Second Coming Came

After I saw the celestial light we call the Solar Logos land on earth at midnight on June 21st 2011 (see archives: The Landing of the Solar Logos), I immediately saw a complex four-color HD vision of Jesus’ arrival.

Author Trevor Ravenscroft told me thirty-six years ago that the Returned Jesus was inside the Solar Logos. Trevor was 100% correct.

A set of digital fractal boxes appeared in the center of this room pictured here,

The boxes were about eight feet high. They turned inside out, and outside in, inverting and converting at what seemed to me to be superluminal speed, then they stopped moving, and a being walked out backwards, he moved on a curved trajectory from the center of the room and stopped by the fire. I looked, it was Jesus, he had his hands by his side. The Second Coming came.

Christian Fundamentalists expect a physical Jesus-looking man to rock up and knock on the door of the Presbyterian church in Podunk, Arkansas and anoint the pastor and the congregation as special, raising them up, and bathing them in celestial ecstasy they call the Rapture. But that’s not the real truth. The Returned Jesus “thing” is way more transcendental and technologically complicated than people realize.

The Returned Jesus may appear to me in a vision as a man but he is not any one individual for that would be deadly dangerous, he’d be dead in weeks. The Returned Jesus is a strobe-light of the Christ consciousness that is in five people that will be carried out (transferred) to a hundred or more, then thousands, then ten of thousands, then millions.

I know two people that definitely have the strobe pulse and there is a European man originally from Africa that has the Jesus healing hands, and while I have not been shown him pulsing the strobe I’m sure he is a strong candidate as number three. I don’t know who the last two are, but I’m expecting one if not both of them to be women.

When the Logos landed it looked to me like a huge generator.

I’ve seen it three times since. It fires celestial codes from the front of it where you see the fans in the pic. The codes look like a grid or net of information/light that is set in many exquisite geometric patterns. Doing that it overrides the black codes one acquires from the negative waves of others and walking about in the street.

I know that some people that are not familiar with my work must think me nuts, but I never embellish or exaggerate anything I see, and I have gradually over the last two decades written out a brand new metaphysical theology beyond all that was known in the past by the Hindus and the Theosophists.

(Author Khris Krepcik has also written out an important part of the new theology that deals with the fractal codes and the tubes the codes run down—it is too complex to discuss here, save to say the codes are information expressed as geometric patterns/formulas that flow down clear tubes, one can see the codes as they travel into our dimension).

All this new metaphysics is real and it is accurate. And everything I wrote has gradually been verified, and the parts that others have not seen or understood as yet, will be verified eventually when people notch their energy up a bit more. Nothing so far has ever been refuted or been proven wrong.

Did you know the Hindu Gods are the supreme guardians of the humans on this planet? (Gaia is the supreme ruler of nature). Both Jesus and Buddha were Hindus, Buddha because he was born in Nepal which was Hindu, and he went south to India to teach, and Jesus is Hindu because he was an incarnation of Krishna, so one could say, he has a Hindu soul.

Did you know that almost all the male gods are fighters? And that Jesus is a very great military person. He is not the fighter-of-all-fighters, as Vishnu holds that title, but he is still a very great power. He has come to rid the world of the trillions of ghouls hidden inside humans, and restore and heal people with his light and his love.

Did you know that the virgin birth is both real and not real? In the physical plane there is no possibility of a virgin birth, but a woman can become pregnant in the Aluna Mirror Worlds, with a god or a spirit being the father. She will have all the symptoms of being pregnant even though here on earth she is not so.

The child takes four earth months to gestate, it will be born into the Aluna-Mirror-World not here—it maybe linked by incarnation to a human that is alive at this time but the child’s evolution is not here on earth.

The Logos generator will take a month to be at full power.

We watched Kalki, the child from Revelation, being born in February 2008, he was then taken away to an inner world by the Eagle People.

Revelation says he is gone for 1260 days; his return is expected on July 27th 2011—the 1260th day. So just after the generator is at full power.

Kalki is like Mithra, a savior-figure that rescued the First Man as told in the Persian writings.

To conclude: The Returned Jesus is five strobe lights, that are inside five people. It will become tens of thousands of lights, sickness will be burnt away and humanity will be restored, the evil ghouls presently hidden in humans will be tickled out and destroyed. (sw)

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