The Mystery of Gaia & the Animals

This is the second of a series I’m doing on the Spirit of Nature (Gaia) and the power of the mystical animals. SW

Gaia is professor Lovelock’s term for the spirit of nature. That collective spirit of nature is highly intelligent. Gaia is self-correcting and self-sustaining, it’s a complex inter-linked organism a program beyond the human Matrix of control, so one could say in loose terms it is beyond our human evolution in a dimension of its own.

We think humans are Number One on earth, but the animals can run faster, see better, their sense of smell is acute, they have strength and stamina way beyond us.

We live in a level, flat 2-D world and then some humans can jump six feet, but the birds are in a 3-D world as they can take height and command a 3D overview of earth.

Humans have an eternal soul, a mirror-self identity in a parallel universe that we call the Aluna, which means “of the moon’—it’s a parallel dimension that reflects this one, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun.

The animals are the same, they have an eternal identity. They act in service to humans because they are higher than us, because we are so coarse.

Information flows from a higher level to a lower one. So an intelligent person may instruct people that are less intelligent or less informed, like a school teacher say, or a doctor uses his or her knowledge to heal people who don’t understand why they are sick, or what to do about it.

The animals are part of Gaia, they are her children and information flows down from Gaia to us. It’s manifest as an intuitive order, a sense of balance and inner knowing. The animals know what herbs and grasses to eat when they are sick and Gaia teaches us the same information. That is one of her self-sustaining aspects.

I said in the article on the Matrix and Sex Drugs  that humans are tormented by the sex drugs of testosterone or estrogen and the need to have sex and reproduce. For example, when men dream they get an erection it doesn’t have to be a sexual dream, all humans dream just before they wake, so billions of men wake up with a hard on.

So a man’s testosterone function is right there every morning to remind him of the power that is in control over his life.

The women yearn to have babies not because there is any logic to it but because the estrogen drives them to that conclusion. They love the babies they produce, and the babies smell nice, but they are a total disaster for Gaia because there are too many of them.

That innocent child is not innocent in Gaia’s eyes, as it will grow to eat a hundred animals, fowl and birds of one kind or another, before it’s twenty one years old. Then multiply that by 7 billion humans and you can see the level of pain Gaia has to endure as a trillion of her children are slaughtered in horrendous circumstances to keep the humans alive. To her meat eating is criminal behavior.

Then there is the pollution we create that Gaia has to handle and adjust for. Millions of tons of sewage every day. Then there are all the negative sentiments and emotions, spite and violence that is spread by humans second-by-second, hour-by-hour, into the morphogenic field of the earth.

The animals absorb that emotion—the psychic disturbance of it, and they get sick and die.

People respond by saying the animals eat each other, but very few animals are predators, most eat grass, seeds and fruit, and anyway it is all in a balance. When an animal gets sick or it is injured it has no way to handle the pain, so the predator takes the animal and keeps the Gaia force field in balance. The predatory animals perform a vital function. It’s Gaia’s eugenics.

Humans are predators. The rich and powerful feed off the weaker ones, the gun-toting gang members terrorize the neighborhood, the sexual predators abuse others for gratification, and people are victimized and milked by the authorities, who feed them endless disinformation and lies to scare them and confuse them into making mistakes.

The morphic information in Gaia’s field that the animals receive is 100% accurate and pure. We live in a hell world it’s our karma and the animals live is a natural, balanced heaven. They are higher spiritual beings than us.

In the inner parallel universe they serve as healers and protectors of humans. Information, perception, ability, all flow down not up. And they can link us to the intuitive feed of Gaia and her pure information.

Next time, I’ll explain how the animals’ protection of us seems to work from our rudimentary observation of it and how we believe you can call it in to help you.  Stuart Wilde

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