The Hovering Madonna

(Dear Readers: Sorry this one is a bit long. I usually try to keep my pieces to 750 words or less, but I can’t tell the story of my Madonna visions without including all the relevant components).

On January 1st 2000, the first day of the new millennium in the mid afternoon, an apparition of the Madonna appeared over my house in Milton Australia, eleven of us saw her.

The House at Milton NSW Australia

She was radiant as she hovered over the house looking down the valley below; she was in clear view for about twenty-five minutes. We were watching from above the house looking down the hill at her. Just before she disappeared she turned to us, she had her arms crossed folded on her chest and she then opened her arms to each side with her palms facing upwards. The movement evoked a profound sense of love and compassion. She remained in that position for a minute or so then she left.

A year later a vast apparition appeared in the sky in front of the house. It was the letter “Q” mounted on a small triangular plinth. The “Q” was about 300 yards across and a hundred and fifty yards high, it hovered in the air at about 300-to-500 feet. We were in awe of it. It was there from midnight ‘til dawn, which at that time of year was about 5.30 a.m. so over five hours.

I’ve written about a dimension that we have seen many, many times in our visions; it is like a magical forest that one might imagine in fairy stories. There are many curious and wonderful beings there, for example, fawns that are half-human, half-deer and other species of animals. I saw a golden zebra there once and unicorns that sleep inside flowers that are the size of a small house.

One of those fawns appeared to me at the house, she was female and extraordinarily beautiful. She was about five foot three inches tall, she had fur on her legs to her waist and her upper body was human. I noticed she had a very complex wrap-around eye that went from the front of her face to almost her left ear. The eye was blue and white and it contained a complicated system of golden circuitry and wiring. The wiring was very military looking; it emitted complex codes of what seemed like encrypted formulas.

The fawn indicated for me to look in her eye more closely and there I saw events that are in the future, some that I remember clearly are the announcement of the coming of a very bright heavenly light, and I saw the destruction of Jerusalem and Karachi and the collapse of the financial systems of the world, and one other vision was the coming of high waters, which I have now seen fifty times or more.

The fawn appeared to me in the kitchen in broad daylight it was at the end of a sofa I was sitting on where I would write each day. I had to give her a name it seemed important to me, so I called her She-She-La-La.

“Q” is the icon or symbol of her dimension, her world, she showed me that.

Just before she left she pointed to my computer and she told me to write a book. I started at eleven p.m. it was a Sunday night, and I wrote 23 hours a day for 90 hours and at five p.m. on Thursday afternoon the book was finished. It about 230 pages long it’s called “God’s Gladiators”, it was a very powerful tome but my publisher would not print it as it was a bit too ‘over the top’ for his lilac New Age market. So we printed it privately, it is still available as far as I know. People say it’s my best book, I don’t know for sure, I like it a lot but also Plum Red is one of my favorites.

Then one day I was in Guadalupe in Spain, which is famous for the black Madonna, it’s a statue. Spanish explorers and seagoing adventurers of the Middle Ages would go to Guadalupe and pray to the Madonna for protection. In a castle there I saw a vision of letters and numbers. I did not know what they meant. But leaving the town by car I distinctly heard “make a left” and I found myself going down roads that had the same letters and number I’d seen in the vision.

This information led me to down a remote road in the countryside to a temple from about 700 BC, it was a covered archeological site that was being prepared for tourists. When I got there there was no one around, so my traveling companion and I walked about it at will looking at the stone walls and little rooms and overall structure. We were there for half an hour or so, and just as I was about to leave I got the impulse to go up to the back of the structure and look more carefully. There we came upon a small room and on the floor of the room was a “Q” about 20-30 inches across, made of ancient tiles embedded in the floor, it was such a charming mosaic, it of course had been buried for 2700 years.

The “Q” and the magical forest and the one I call She-She-La-La are linked to the hovering Madonna. My connection to her is how I know there will be at least three Madonna apparitions. But the world has to collapse a bit first as right now people are plugged into their IPods they wouldn’t really look up.

Recently, I’ve seen visions of the Madonna and her child about fifteen times. I’ve been in Portugal so I decided to go to Fatima where she appeared to three children (1917); she appeared there every month on the same day for six months. The last time she appeared 70,000 people witnessed the event.

Sadly Fatima is a bit ghoul infested, the statues on the colonnade had dark morph spikes on them, and on one statue I saw a black devil’s tail that ended in a triangular point. Looked funny but ugly.

I did my rounds and I talked to the Madonna in m’ head anyways, and then I returned to my hotel for a bit of a lie down. I saw a vision of the colonnade and the church, which suddenly lit up in gold and above the church at the very top was a warrior goddess, like the French lady of liberty on the coins.

Eugene Delacroix: Liberty Leading the People (1830)

She was on the top of the dome where the cross is in the picture above. She was all gold and she had a golden crown on her head and a golden sword held in the air in her right hand. It’s part of the Restoration I’ve written about at length, when the tyrants fall and evil dies, and a sacred decency is set free to roam the lands once more, without torment, free to whisper the secrets of the ancients, and celebrate the gift of life. Yes! I believe these things will come to pass for it is written so it will be done.

And in a series of very clear visions I had at Fatima I saw three young fawns scampering across a street in the town, they were on a mission as far as I could tell, the vision seemed to confirm once again that the She-She fawn from the magical forest and the hovering Madonna are linked. Each a goddesses but in different worlds.

The reason why the visions indicate female goddesses is because they represent nurturing and kindness and a soft way and that softness will be handed its victory. The meek that inherit the earth are not a load of mealy mouthed wimps; their meekness comes from their humility and their softness, and because they will have forged an incredible victory while greatly disadvantaged and vastly out numbered, these particular ‘meek’ will be seen as brave and strong, warriors both men and women, people who stood their ground and said “No”. (sw)

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