The Hospitalers

The Knights of St. John of Malta were known as the Hospitalers (pronounced hos-pita-lers). They were warrior knights as well as medics. They defended the routes to the Holy Land and they set up hospitals for the crusaders and pilgrims in Jerusalem; they were medics but they were also required to fight to defend their hospitals. Their insignia was a white cross on a black background as opposed to the Knights Templar who carried the red cross of St. George on a white background.

To become a Hospitaler you had to prove noble ancestry back through five generations. So the order was both noble and altruistic, they were fighter-healers. They ruled Malta for two hundred and sixty-eight years. They were originally given Malta by Charles V of Spain in 1530 for the princely sum of one falcon and glass of water per year. Their hospital in Malta accommodated 500 patients – it was the most famous hospital in the world in its time.

They eventually lost the island to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798. He subsequently lost it to the British who finally gave it to the Maltese people. About a decade ago the Hospitalers were given back their former fort in Malta, St. Angelo, so the tradition of Malta and the Knights of St. John remains to the present day.

The inner-world ghouls and their devilish forces crowd out sacred sites like say Jerusalem, Glastonbury, or Lourdes, so that visitors and pilgrims get a nasty ghoul feed in the form of negative sentiments or debilitating thoughts that are fired into them, instead of the religious or celestial inspiration that they might expect at a sacred site.

Knowing this ghoul trait, I attacked a nest of Mirror-World devils that I stumbled upon that were infesting a sacred site in Ireland, there were several hundred black imps and other galactic dross at the entrance to the site. The fight lasted two hours.

Then I drifted to the pub where I met a lad dressed in a leather jerkin and chain mail. He carried a sword at the waist to his left and a long dagger to his right. In front, he had a fur pouch and a fox’s head. It was strange to see someone dressed as a 16th century soldier complete with a metal helmet, armed, and in the pub. We talked about the Battle of Kinsale (1601) when the Irish clans and their allies, the Spanish, were unsuccessful in defending Kinsale, which is on the south coast of Ireland near Cork.

One of the Australian Aluna fighters that was in the pub at the time introduced me to an Irish lady, she looked like an exact replica of La Gioconda, the lady in Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. She asked me if I saw any ghouls in her, I told her she had stinging nettles around her heart—emotional pain from rotten relationships was my diagnosis. She asked me if I’d fix it so I did a healing then and there.

I do them fast in about one minute, so that the healing is less liable to ghoul interference. I sing prayers into people’s hearts that come from the lake of Avalon; they are in a language that is from another world, it’s akin to warbles and bird sounds. Sometimes, I touch people’s heart chakra with their permission, by putting my hand on their back. It always seems to work, the lady said she felt much better for it.

I realized myself and the Aluna fighters like the Hooded Sage people ( are in fact modern–day Hospitalers, in that we fight and heal. Even the celestial ladies that are involved delivering the Christ light for us found that they were pulled into the ghoul worlds to fight. There are eight of us that fight and heal and then we have some fighters that don’t heal and some healers that don’t fight.

We kill the ghouls by breathing on them, or by firing a purple digital-fractal dot of light from our fingers. It travels along a curved trajectory and when it hits a ghoul in the Aluna Mirror-World it disrupts the mathematical integrity of the devilish entity, whereupon it unravels and dies.

Most human disease, including viruses, are ghoul-based disruptions that are fired at humans from the inner worlds without them realizing it, and then, there may be DNA faults in our systems that are just our karma, and, of course, some disease is caused by self-abuse. But most everything else is curable by going into the inner worlds and destroying the ghouls that cause the imbalance or disease.

It is an interesting approach, killing ghouls to heal disease. One day, the world won’t have any more disease and all the ghouls will be dead but we need some serious reinforcements to achieve that aim. In the meantime we battle on, outnumbered like the Hospitalers that defended Malta in the famous Siege of Malta (1565) when 700 knights and 6000 of their soldiers defended the island against 40,000 Ottoman Turks.

Final victory is guaranteed for the forces of light as in the end Gaia wins and she reclaims her planet, so we all rest assured. (sw)

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