The Devil’s Army & the False Prophets

On an Aya journey I saw the devil’s armies. There were two hundred beings shoulder-to-shoulder stretching back for miles, hundreds of thousands of beings like soldiers standing to attention. There was an army to my right and another to my left, and one in the center and two on the diagonals. Five in all, then later I saw two more, making seven.

Each army had a banner with a man’s face, their leader, then his face morphed onto the chest of the beings and it morphed again onto their faces. Each devil being was a replica of the man. I was looking at the millions of devils created by the false prophets.

Then I saw more of the prophets, I saw fractals and each had one prophet in the fractal, some were Middle Eastern others Caucasian, some Asian, false Buddhas, dodgy gurus, TV preachers, newsreaders that broadcast lies, and all manner of pomposity and falsehoods.

The armies I was watching were below me as if I was on a cliff. And I saw light bombs hit them and throw them into disarray. In front of the armies was a contingent of a hundred or more Knights of Saint George mounted on horse back. I asked if they wanted to come up and join me on the cliff, they said they had to stay in the valley where devils were. I presume they were going to make an attack once the light bombs had finished.

Maybe the days of the false prophets are coming to an end.  Stuart Wilde

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