Subtle Fields

Humans are subjected to subtle fields of energy electromagnetic pulses, electricity, air pressure and there are also etheric life force field people give off and then there are the celestial fields that we have learned a lot about over the decades.

Let’s say you recite or listen to the Gayatri mantra it forms a field over you; if you say look at a beautiful flower and your breathe love at it and you pull it in to your heart that is another golden field.

My healings are a subtle field, they are not medical even though that is the result people see and feel can be construed as medical. In fact, it’s a purple code I deliver, a field of energy, like a golden arch that bumps out the ghouls and liberates a person to get well instantly, or in a few days, as their black patterns break up.

The subtle codes are very beautiful and they can be transmitted a long way… here is what a customer wrote about the codes in the Avalon Mist which sadly we can’t mail out any more because regulation prohibit water in the mail…

Hello Dear Stuart and Friends ………Thank you for the spray….I was overwhelmed when I broke the plastic bag seal and held the bottle still freshly moist from when it was filled. The back of my neck started tingling and then I could hear music the whole night! It was like a radio with stations being changed or being tuned in. I wear ear plugs to sleep and I could still hear the ‘tuning’ – even with earplugs in! It sounded like lovely music and voices –  old time songs (not heavy metal). Sally, Australia.

One can’t explain the subtle fields they are too delicate, but you can create them for yourself. Like when you breathe love to a flower and bring a rose into your soul.  Stuart Wilde

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