Dieta—the Shaman’s Training

Quite a few of my friends go to South America to take a shaman’s training called the ‘Dieta.’

Heliconia Tree, Iquitos, Peru

You live in a remote place in the jungle and take the sacred brew Ayahuasca every day. There are strict rules, no sex, and simple meals of fish, plantain and rice, nothing more. You bathe in the river and don’t use toothpaste or cosmetics, nothing chemical or artificial.

The dieta is supervised by a local shaman called a ‘Curandero,’ it means healer. The dieta can be a week or even a few months. It’s an intense purification and induction into ‘other world’ realities.

I talked to a shaman from Colombia who said he drank Aya’ every eight hours for a month on his dieta.

Aya is the most magnificent transformational experience, it takes you beyond books, concepts and dogma, all those fly out of the window, you quickly become spiritually sophisticated. You know things very few people in the world know, but you have to be ready to see the truth of it all. It is magnificent.

Aya’ on a dieta every eight hours would take enormous reserves of concentration and inner strength. When I take Aya’ in Ecuador with Tom Lishman, I go flying off into other dimensions, sometimes my body dematerializes, I’m used to it. I’ve learned an enormous amount from it, but I couldn’t do it for a month, but I’d really enjoy a week of it.

If you are interested in a dieta, then click EVENTS, then click AYA, and email Tom Lishman. I’m sure he’d be happy to advise you and/or put you in touch with people that have gone, who can talk of their experiences.

For our next Aya’ in Holland in a week or so (Aug 20th–25th)  also click EVENTS. It’s more or less sold out but two places became available a few days ago, they may still be there. Stuart Wilde

I found an interesting article that explains the dieta in the jungle here it is:

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