Escape the Matrix –Two Realities

A gentleman asked me at a gig how does one escape the Matrix of control all around us?
First, you have to recognize it is there as a system of global ideas, emotions, legislative control, tax, power, self-importance, race hate, and corruption.

Then you have to meditate and become very calm, as the more you are scared and struggle against the Matrix the more it binds you.

Thirdly, you have to sink from your head (intellect) to your heart, and become very soft and kind, doing that you weaken the Matrix around you that is cruel and cold.

Then you have to become pure, no rancor or judgment or dysfunctions, drugs, say. Those things hold you in, because they degrade you and cause you fear and anger.

There are two realities, the outer world of three dimensional activity and human thoughts, and the inner world, it is hidden from most people. In that inner world you can walk into a celestial heaven and that gradually becomes your new home.

In the outer world you can hear the jackboots of the Police State marching down the street. But you are not there, you exist elsewhere, they march past and don’t see you, because warmth and kindness does not exist in their world.

Finally, to make good your escape you must embrace Gaia and the animals and love her world, she is the true ruler of this planet and she will act to save us and her animals.

So you escape the Matrix by being soft and not confronting it, and gradually your perception increases massively, and you use that to slide down from your mind and intellect going inwards, and you go under the Matrix to come up the other side.

I’ve taught this trick to a lot of people. I personally know hundreds of people for which the Matrix does not exist. It is as if they live deep in a forest beyond humanity, beyond the systems of control — free. Heaven is in a mirror-world reality that starts 18 inches from your nose. It’s not a million miles away. Stuart Wilde

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