Ayahuasca Doorways

Sometimes at Ayahuasca ceremonies one sees an inter-dimensional doorway open up close at hand. It is very exciting because you know there is another world or even many worlds beyond the door.

At one of our ceremonies in Ecuador presented by the Australian shaman Darpan I saw a dome appear over my head, it was made up of golden hexagonals, it was about five yards across and four yards wide. The dome pulsed and shimmered at four beats a second (240 a minute) we call these anomalies The Shimmering Door. I once saw a door of silver hexagonals it stayed in the room for over eight hours.

What was fascinating was it made the whole room and everything in it pulse at four beats a second, my body also pulsed at that rate, which temporarily affected my muscles, so I had a bit of trouble walking to the rest room when needed, but I managed, albeit very slowly.

Scientists are trying to create energy from fusion. They hit hydrogen particles with a laser to create enough heat for energy to be given off. They have calculated the laser has to pulse at 4 cycles a second, in order for the process to give off more energy than is used to stimulate the process. If science discovers how to get more energy from fusion that is currently put in they claim it will result in abundant clean energy for the world. I found the four pulses a second correlation in fusion very interesting.

Ayahuasca is not for everybody you have to want to grow spiritually and learn of new things and other worlds, but there is a great camaraderie amongst people that have done Aya’ as they know things that 99.99% of the people of the world have never seen.

Aya’ people are easy for me to spot as they have a special inner light, some gleam more than others, but they all have it. (sw)

*I have met and done ceremonies with many shamans, Darpan is head and shoulders above the rest, in my view.

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