300 Strange Visions, 911 and the Irish Holy Lands

In the last few nights I have seen hundreds of visions one after the next — ballistic! I heard “The time has come” and I saw many walls of fire, massive explosions and rockets and boats burning.

I saw a bowl which said 911, there was someone pouring large amounts of Louisiana Hot Sauce in the bowl. Things are hotting up, I thought. I don’t know of a link between Louisiana and 911, though there may be one I don’t know of.

Then I saw a very fat man behind a desk, he was very nervous and sweating, he rubbed the sweat from his forehead with a piece of paper that clearly said 911. Then I saw George Bush, he looked very frightened and nervous as if cowering in a corner. If the 911 lies break, that will be a massive thing in the world.

Conspiracy people believe the neo-cons Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney did 911 with the Israelis; certainly the Jews benefited greatly from the event. Five Mossad agents were caught near the towers jumping up and down celebrating. Celebrating is not against the law, they were released. If it turns out the Jews did 911 there will be a second holocaust. I’m scared for people there is too much pain already.

I also saw visions of the black codes around people in general, as a net of little black dots, we are inside the destiny of the Jews, if they go down, we all go down with them, because they are in total control of America, but also I saw we can break free of the Matrix and allow them to go whatever way they want to go without any judgment or rancor. That was a relief to see that explained.

The papers are full of the possible attack on Iran but that in my view is a sucker’s trap, if the Israelis nuke Iran the Moslems and/or the Russians will rub out Israel.

Glendalough, the Home of St Kevin

I’d like to visit the Holy Lands before they disappear. I want to see where Jesus was born. That would move me greatly.

It was explained to me in a series of visions that once the Holy Lands are destroyed, Ireland will become the new Holy Land, especially Glendalough, which may explain why I have been back and forth there so much recently. Stuart Wilde

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