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There was a massive jump in put options late last week on Wall Street. Some stocks increased their daily volume by 800% and others saw their daily put volume up 500%.

It is claimed that the last time this happened was in the four days before 911. At that time airlines and insurance companies were heavily shorted. In theory 911 was a random event but stock exchange activity in puts that make money when a stock goes down was extraordinarily high.

Some people knew.

I suppose an attack could come at the Olympics but I feel a false flag attack in London is too obvious. Maybe I’m naive, but there is so much already written about a possible false flag attack blaming Iran that if it happened no one will believe it.

Then again perhaps it doesn’t matter to the authorities if no one believes it. Not many believe the official 911 story either, but it doesn’t make any difference, and the perpetrators have never been brought to justice. It’s all so interesting. Pray for peace even if it doesn’t work. Stuart Wilde (

Here is a list of the main shorts last week.


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Put Volume
Average Put Volume
Daily Volume Ratio
DD 12,179 1,450 8.4
HLF 11,726 1,819 6.4
VZ 25,132 3,909 6.4
HOG 7,076 1,192 5.9
XOP 27,471 4,878 5.6
DE 10,258 2,200 4.7
JNPR 4,995 1,310 3.8
FSLR 8,883 2,383 3.7
GDX 29,379 7,902 3.7
GM 7,088 1,920 3.7
NOK 26,227 7,706 3.4
MA 6,343 2,072 3.1
F 21,175 7,672 2.8
ZNGA 5,001 1,935 2.6
FXI 29,145 11,438 2.5
ABX 4,611 1,878 2.5
WFC 16,778 6,949 2.4
SBUX 10,965 4,657 2.4
EFA 12,407 5,370 2.3
GG 2,947 1,291 2.3
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