The Violet Light Technology

My ol’ teacher said the energy of the Sages of the Plum Red robes in China in the 500-250 B.C. era, allowed them to enter a village and change the evolution of the people there by just sitting at the village well. I found that so mystical and intriguing.

It is only now that I have begun to understand the technology at work. Humans are surrounded by unseen forces, many of them very dark, they slow a person down and inhibit his or her perception, and they attempt to take people the wrong way. They fire pain at humans.

The violet light bumps out the dark and people are set free to heal and understand themselves better and to go past the anxiety and fear that is also fired from the inner worlds.

When I do a “hands on” healing on a person, I watch in my mind’s eye for the purple Jesus hands to come up nine times; once that has occurred the healing is complete.

I was in the pub the other day and I saw the purple hands come up nine times even though I wasn’t working on anyone at the time. I realized the healing wave was going out to the people at the bar like the sages at the well in the olden days. I was moved. It is the destiny of humanity to eventually eliminate all pain.

I asked how far did the purple light go? I heard ten yards, and in some cases thirty yards – so it travels across and etheric field right across the street. Khris Krepcik ( suggested we tour the USA in a bus and go round 200 cities and towns. So we are planning that for later this year or next year.

After I finished the series on Conspiracy Theories I decided to do some articles on the anti-Christ, I’ve got an unusual perspective on it, more than what has been written before. But I’ve been so busy on the healings and gigs I’m running late. So the anti-Christ is late, sorry. Stuart Wilde

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The Sages of the Plum Red Robes

Plum Red – Taoist Tales of Old China
By Stuart Wilde

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Plum-Red is Stuart Wilde’s 20th book. It’s a collection of stories about a group of Taoist sages called, The Sages of the Plum-Red Robes. They lived at the time Lao Tzu in 500 B.C.

The tales are magical and inspirational; Stuie Wilde at his best!

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