The Tall Celestial Beings

I was at Tom Lishman’s Ayahuasca event in Ecuador, it’s held at a beautiful hacienda that used to be the Ecuadorian president’s summer home. It’s under a snow capped volcano called Cayambe.

Cayambe Volcano

One night, I saw a celestial being 80-100 feet tall in the distance by the mountain. Later that night, the being was hovering over a lawn in the central courtyard. It was 30 feet high in that location. I watched it for ten or fifteen minutes hovering, it was a mass of rotating celestial lights.

I had my hands on a person at the Wales event — Spiritual Healing, the Second Chance, and I saw the same celestial being in distance. Then as it got closer, I found myself etherically going taller, I felt I was about 8-10 feet high. It was so exhilarating.

Then two tall beings came and stood by each of the people that I was working on, they fired a violet laser light that looked like an X-ray scanner. It was going back and forth inside people’s bodies fixing them.

Some people at the event in Wales could see the beings, so it helped affirm to them the sacred nature of it all, everything is possible now.

Forgiveness, absolution, restoration, and physical healing is the gift of this new energy… the violet light and the celestial beings that now seem to be part of it.

I’m moved, because I realize now I don’t have to do it all myself.

It is an amazing gift Ayahuasca, and the celestial heavens you see when you take a journey on the brew. The ugliness of this world can be oppressive but knowing and seeing the “other world” dimensions is an inspiration beyond words. It changes your life forever.

I’m appearing at Tom Lishmans next Aya’ event in Holland, August 23 -24th click EVENTS.

If any of you in Europe haven’t done the Aya’ …please come. It will be safe and solid, and it will show you the true nature of all things and the God-like beings that are close now. It’s the next evolutionary step to take so that you may “see” and proceed. (SW)

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