Shaman Darpan on Nirburu, & a Sudden Global DMT Release.

SW writes: “We have seen an extraordinary phenomena approaching. It’s a spontaneous release by Gaia of DMT in the world. There are 30,000 plants that contain DMT in them.

Darpan the well-known Australian shaman, who I did my first Aya’ journey with 11 years ago, says it will be like the Biblical Day of Judgement. All 7 billion humans will suddenly see the true reality of what they are. God-like or hellish. Here is an email Darpan sent me about Nibiru and the DMT release. It’s fascinating stuff, sorry this is long but it’s worth a read”. SW

Letter from Darpan

Shaman Darpan (


Hey Stuie!

Nibiru was really big on my screen a year or so ago but seems to have taken a seat on the backbench for a while.

The Hopis say that Elenin was the blue star Kachina which is the herald for the return of the red star (Nibiru) and thats when the sh.t will hit the fan.



The powers that be do have access to unbelievable technology….they were able to knock out Elenin and they are doing their utmost to suppress the shift in consciousness.

The axis is wobbling….the poles are currently moving at a rate of 56km a year….they had to reposition a runway in an Alaskan airport recently because true north had shifted and was causing problems with the air traffic.

The Schumann Resonance which usually vibrates at about 7.2Hz has escalated and is currently vibrating at about 12-13Hz.

Simultaneous to this, the electro-magnetic field of Earth has dropped considerably.

The EM field (and gravity) keeps us locked into a specific frequency of consciousness (i.e. 3D space-time) and the shift in the field has a direct effect upon consciousness (hence the global uprisings…Arab spring/occupy movement/wikileaks etc)

My own gut feeling and something I have been shown in visions (though I’m not a scientist and have no empirical proof to support it) is that if the EM field changes dramatically, it may trigger a pole shift.

What causes the changes in EM field?

I would say increased and unprecedented Coronal Mass Ejection and the approach of Nibiru.

"Two Suns High in the East, Snake Bite's Coma Berenice..." Song of the Innocents

Nibiru is a dwarf star and as it approaches our sun will get “jealous” (alpha male syndrome) and become increasingly volatile, in the event of a pole shift or even just a dramatic shift in the EM field.

My theory is that it may trigger a spontaneous collective release of a potent cocktail of neurotransmitters normally reserved for the process of dying and for leaving this mortal coil.

I have been convinced for some time now that Aya’ has proliferated around the planet over the last 15 years or so as a preparation or “rehearsal” for an event such as this.

When/if it happens, those who can recognise what is happening inside their own beings will know to hold firm, relax and let go into the phenomenon. Some New Agers refer to this phenomenon as the “ascension”, though I prefer the idea of an “ingression” of higher frequencies and dimensionality into 3D space-time.

Our job is to anchor and bind those frequencies into here now (now-where) tee hee.

Many people will freak out and go mad when this happens…the only grace will be if there are a critical mass of people (who have already undergone such an experience) who can hold firm space and thereby assist the greater collective in making the shift.

The Christian idea of Judgement Day is a simplistic portrayal of this event…it is in fact a sorting of souls by frequency….when you think about it, as we come to the end of this 26000 year processional karmic cycle, we have 7 billion people on the planet….you could imagine that everyone who has ever incarnated within this cycle is alive today and have front row seats for this cosmic party at the end of time 🙂

It’s the Human Collective Graduation Ball.

Many people who can’t or don’t want to make the shift will simply be funnelled of to another 3D Karmic Life Education School (like planet Earth has been to until now) to continue their work on that plane until the next opportunity to graduate comes around.

No judgement though….we are immortal and infinite beings and have eternity at our disposal so what’s another 26000 years in the grand scale of things?

Luv ya Bro Darpan.

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