One-Eye Illuminati Symbols, Olympics Threat (Stuart Wilde)

Here below is a video that talks about the symbol of the eye used at the Olympics. People believe there will be a fake terrorist attack at that time. The video shows how the word ZION was part of the flag of the Beijing Olympics and it’s in the symbol for the London Olympics, that’s very eerie.

Annuit Coeptis--ANNUIT means to nod assent, to favor, to smile upon. COEPTIS means undertakings, endeavors, beginnings. Novus Ordo Seclorum--New World Order


Here is something to note: In the inner hell worlds the ghouls appear as human eyes. I’ve spent 4500 hours in trance in those hell worlds killing demons.

I believe I’ve done over 300 million but I can’t say that categorically. The figure was told to me in those worlds but I have no definitive proof.

In the early days I used to count how many I’d destroyed but after the numbers crossed 70,000
I stopped counting because it was all going too fast to count. 10,000 an hour sometimes.

I fire at the eyes in the hell worlds with a purple dot that leaves my fingers, when it hits one of the eyes it is destroyed, and three or four ghouls jump from it to its left, almost never to the right.

If you are meditating and you see a beautiful female eye you might think it is benign, an angel maybe. Not So. It’s a ghouls’ trick. The eyes you see are demons, trillions of them one inside the other like those Chinese dolls.

I don’t think the Illumianti know about the hell-worlds ghoul eyes, they just see it as power. Stuart Wilde

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