Vote Rigging in America

During the campaign for the Republican nomination to run against Obama, Ron Paul would have town hall meetings of 2000-3000 people, Mitt Romney the eventual winner had meetings of just a few hundred people, Mormons mostly. Yet the votes showed Romney winning easily. How could that be?

Mitt Romney is a Zionist shill and he voted for the NDAA arrest without trial law, he’s a true blue fascist.

Ron Paul vowed to abolish the Federal Reserve, defend the constitution and repeal NDAA. I wondered why Republican voters went for the pro-Israeli fascist, and not the man that was fair and good and pro-America?

The answer is they didn’t vote for Romney.

The vote counting machines are hacked. Ron Paul’s people complained vigorously of vote rigging but nothing came of it.

This video below is brilliant; it shows how the votes are rigged in Diebold’s vote counting machines. That is why Obama can pass one fascist law after the next without worrying about the up-coming elections and voters’ reactions. It’s all rigged.

In the previous presidential election, Al Gore beat Bush the Idiot in Florida at the first count, but in the second count, which was supervised by his brother Ned, Bush-the Idiot was miraculously ahead by a paper-thin margin. That gave America the Homeland Insecurity Gestapo, the Iraq war, Iran, the fascist Patriot Act, TSA airport pat downs, Internet surveillance, and the new money making illusion of al Quaeda, which it has been proven conclusively not to exist. And that was followed by a host of nastiness the poor, struggling Americans don’t need. I feel so sorry for them they’ve been screwed roo’ed and tattooed.

Here the video of America’s vote rigging machines.

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