There is No Spoon – Pixilated Jesus

The visions of Jesus I see continue every day. I also saw a vision of Padre Pio, he came forward and kissed the palm of my right hand, it was so tender and moving.

Yesterday I saw a vision of a man walking in Kensington High Street, London, he was blipping in and out dematerialiizing. “There is no spoon” as the child says in the Matrix film, nothing is really solid. I’ve said before we have seen a human dematerialize a thousand times now, it’s a fact. Hard to comprehend but the world we know is not all there is. We normally only see a small part.

Miracles are not really miracles, they follow a logic but it’s one we don’t understand well. Humans at their deepest non-solid level are made up of little boxes of information that we call the fractal codes.

Pixel Jesus

If we take the Jesus image a couple of clicks further it becomes more irregular, we can now see cubes forming, which are part of the codes we see. They are not static as in this pic, they are moving and turning, each cube is alive with color and information.

More Pixelated Jesus

Now let’s click the Jesus pixel picture even further and you can see he is beginning to dematerialize.

Dematerializing Jesus

Shortly after this point, Jesus would be able to walk through a wall. His codes would rub up against the wall’s codes but they would not inhibit his forward progress.

The more light you have, the more you move towards a non-solid human state, a celestial state. Sickness is a heavy-human state, a compilation of brown and black pixels (and some blood red), that are distorted by evil and emotion, but once the codes are restored you are healed. The restoration can take less than 30 seconds, it’s instant.

AND…this is why the dark can’t win in the end because in certain technical circumstances, we can walk through it and turn and come up behind it. The dark beings come towards the light as they are attracted to power trips, they want to be like a God. But when they come close, the arrangement of their boxes falls apart, and the devil beings degrade to almost nothing, an inert state. Stuart Wilde.

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