The Reptiles—the Last Remaining Secrets

(This is another of my articles where I hope to explain the last remaining information on inner world topics like the Reptiles and the UFOs). SW

I said in my article on the UFOs that they come up a tube from a hell world that is behind us. Put your hands at your side and then take your left hand out one foot from your hip, then take your hand back a foot and point. That is the dimension (vector) I call 240 down, there is where the UFOs come from.

I was meditating in my office one afternoon. There was a UFO 20-30 feet in diameter hovering over the building but I didn’t see it till later. A grey appeared in the room standing a few feet away from me. I went through its eye using the force of will and behind it was a reptile. That made me jump a bit. The Greys are drones manufactured in a mechanical hell world, they have no mind of their own just a collective drone-mind. You can easily confuse them. On another occasion when they appeared in my room I said, “Sorry, tea with the pope is at four o’clock, piss off.” They went. The Greys are so stupid. I used to moon the UFOs so they knew I knew they were uppity trash.

The UFOs are non-solid, shape-shifting entities, flying devils. They control the world because they control the elite and the shadow world of criminals, and the reptiles control the Greys and the UFOs, in the sense that the Greys and UFOs are inside the reptiles. So the reptiles rule everything. That’s one secret.

How they do it is by blocking information from the celestial and by taking the humans the wrong way, feeding people misinformation and fear, just as the media and the authorities do. They give evil humans power and they take humanity towards degradation.

The big reptiles look like dragons, they can be 150 feet from the head to the tip of their tail, and they are inverted, in the sense that they are bigger inside than out. And the dragons are not really dragons that is just how we see them, they are in effect vast bodies of evil, like a galaxy in a universe say. Their inverted state is a second secret.

Inside them are branes (vast, flat transdimensional sheets) each is a dimension of its own. There may be a million ghouls or more on each brane.

Inside the dragons are mechanical worlds, vast cities, where entities like the Greys are manufactured. The Greys are constructs off a conveyor belt, like washing machines in a factory, strange but true.

We set a dragon alight once, it burned inside for two months before it died, it was so large. We watched each brane inside it collapse and that triggered the collapse of the next one. They collapsed every twenty minutes for sixty days, vast mechanical cities were destroyed as the branes fell.

The reptiles feed off the life force of humans, they are cold and cruel like the human elite is rapacious, cold and cruel. All the predators, abusers and power trippers of the world are inside the reptiles’ kingdom—there are no exceptions to this rule. Third secret.

We incarnate in this secret world of criminals, predators and fascists that are controlled mentally by the reptiles, partly as a test. Can you hold your soul in tender care and not succumb to hate, violence and degradation, can you remain when all others are carted off to their various hells? Fascinating concepts to consider for yourself.

And the other reason some are here is to be custodians of the light and to be brave and fry the ghouls and the UFOs and the reptiles and liberate the earth, and save others who might have been misled by dogma and misinformation.

Humans are emotional (etheric) food for the reptiles so one way to rub out the reptiles is to get rid of the humans. But there’s another way.

You stay safe by being warm and kind and not being scared of them, they are trash, stand ya ground. Stuart Wilde

P.S. The other way is difficult to explain, but in very simple terms the spirit of the earth (Gaia) has to take back her domain. In a backwards-in-time-world the reptiles didn’t exist, so she has to overlay our reptilian world with her ghoul-free, backwards-in-time, celestial world and the battle will be over.

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