The Man in the Moon

This is another in my series on popular Conspiracy Theories.

History says the American space craft Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969. Scientist’s say that is impossible as the craft would have had to fly through the intense radiation of the Van Allen belt, the astronauts would have died instantly, unless the craft had six feet of lead shielding it, which it didn’t. Also the suits they wore could not have withstood the 250 degrees of heat on the moon, or the minus -250 degrees of cold in the shadows.

Only 20 pictures were released of the historic moon walk and in them the shadows are all wrong. The only source of light on the moon is the sun, but the Apollo moon photos show two or more sources of light, like in a studio. And the flag was flapping (see pic above), there is no wind on the moon, and an early photo transmission showed a Coke bottle and a small drinking flask in the dirt near the flag. These were later airbrushed out it was claimed.  It was all a con job.

Here’s one of a six part series on the moon conspiracy.

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