The Light of the Hindu Gods

The Light of the Hindu Gods

I watched the light of the Hindu Gods for several minutes in trance the other night. There were explosions of golden light on earth. Massive. I wondered where they landed. I guessed the explosions would have fried the ghouls for thirty miles in every direction, maybe more.

I’ve often worried about the light, caring for it and yet wondering what effect it has. But I saw a vision two nights ago in which I saw an evil organization, one with much global power, in the vision it showed me how it was 7/8 finished. That surprised me.

When things are destroyed in the inner worlds they falter and die here in 3-D. Many politicians are black magicians, they are part of secret occult societies, people would be shocked if they knew this fact in all its details, but in the inner worlds one can see who’s who. Evil can’t hide.

Humans aren’t anonymous, even if they think they are. They all have a signature. It’s in their words, written or spoken. Everything is recorded.

I was shown how to thrive in the face of adversity, one has to keep going out into the world with a good heart, and help people and keep radiating and the more we do that the stronger our light gets.

I used to think it would take decades to win this fight but recently all the visions show the victory is much closer than we think. Stuart Wilde

P.S. There was a black magician who attacked me for a month or so in 2007. He knew I knew his secrets.

One day I saw the Hindu god Vishnu approaching in the sky towards the place where the magician lived. There was a massive explosion of light, huge, I was quite scared watching it. I was never bothered by the magician ever again. He had a cohort that sometimes attacked with him I never saw that sniveling git either.  He was a coward.

Fighting black magicians is a dodgy business you have to be able to “see”. I have had a lot of experience in this particular racket, and I must say it gives me endless pleasure. They all have a fatal flaw, it’s a fractured code inside their importance. They believe they are very special and the forces of light are here to prove they are not special.

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