Spiritual Healing–the Second Chance (3rd article)

I discovered watching the Aluna Mirror-World, sometimes known as the spirit worlds, that some human pain is normal like child birth say, but mostly pain is fired by the inner world ghouls; they like pain, they don’t want humans to be healthy and happy. And so they promote disease.

I’ve seen demonic beings that look like high-tech caterpillars that were in charge of promoting meningitis. There would be a ghoul-lord for every disease and every cancer and every virus.

I discovered a different type of healing that works instantly, it comes from the domination of the light, which restores the fractal codes and bumps out the ghouls; it seems to repair damaged tissues, tumors and cancers, they stop growing and shrink, it starts in minutes. The person is liberated to a new normal–a healthy one.

Most mental disease is the ghouls attacking, creating demonic visions that are then misdiagnosed as madness, phobias and/or schizophrenia.

By rearranging the fractal codes in the patient, the ghoul-induced imbalance is restored. I worked on an American boy with a brain tumor, I saw the ghouls hammering a black spike in his head that looked like a L-shaped, tyre iron. I fried the ghouls and he’s now reporting his seizures are getting less and less.

I was given and/or I acquired (by the grace of God, for which I am eternally grateful), a purple light in my hands; it is a multi-dimensional light that’s not inhibited by solid particles like skin and bone say.

It goes right through to the other side of the person I’m working upon, and so it can heal a person standing a few yards away as well. I think it has a range of nine feet but it’s getting stronger by the day. I need to ask how far it stretches and see if I get a reply.

So what looks like a miracle healing, is nothing to do with medicine or miracles, it actually follows a pure logic, the mathematics of the fractal codes. Medicine doesn’t know about the codes, it treats the symptoms, not the asymmetry or ghoul-maths behind the symptoms, so the beleaguered doctors have to fix patients over and over, endlessly. I’ll talk about the intricacies of the codes and how to help yourselves at the upcoming gigs.

Humans deserve a second chance, and while they do create their diseases initially through coldness, spite, and the karma of crookedness and bad luck, the ghouls make it all worse.

So I went into those other worlds in trance and I asked a body of very high up celestial beings that I know of for permission to deliver the Second Chance and it was granted.

I’m booked for about 2000+ healings over the next few months. I’ll know a lot more once they are done.

Right now the healings are mostly in the SW gigs, that was the fastest and easiest way to get started. I have to work first with people that know me, I can’t accost people in the street, “How ya feeling? Have a healing”, They’d run a mile.

After the gigs, late September onwards, I’ll be on the road. I want to go to France, Austria and Spain. Click HEALINGS above for info of the free healings before September and the SW gig events. I don’t do remote healings sorry, I don’t know enough about it to be sure of myself.

If you are on the SW A-List, you’ll get private advance notification from me regularly, so you’ll have the first shot at whatever gig places there are, or free healings that are made available. Stuart Wilde

One ol' dear saw the caravan and snarled "Hippies" funny eh?

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