Protection – The Mystical Animals

The Mystical Felines

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sending free stuff to the SW A-List members that are protection tools.

One lady took the warrior’s prayer laminated card and she held it against her body where she had pain and the pain went intsantly. Then dozens of people wrote in saying more or less the same. How can a small plastic card cure pain? Technically it can’t, but pain is fired by ghouls from a dimension of evil, the resonance of the card scares them and they back away, so that is how the healing is done.

I’ve put images of the mystical animals in all the cards and the Avalon protection sprays and even the garlic, as they act in the inner worlds as protectors. They are pure love.

First I put the white tiger, the black panther, the jaguar and Vishnu’s cobra. Then I call on the curly-horned kudu and the stag and next come the wolf and the bear. In the center of my images is the lion of Judah, the lamb and the cat. The cat is great demon fighter.

I finish the invocation with the white rhino, the gazelle, and the birds like the eagles, swans, and humming birds and next is the white owl, and I close out with the dogs that bark as warning when ghouls approach, and then the black horse of the Apocalypse, which brings justice.

The Mystical Water Birds

It might sound a bit dippy but if you call on these animals they will help you and if you can “see” you will know they are there. It’s a more multi-dimensional approach from what is in effect a multi-dimensional ghoul problem.

All the ghouls die in the end and the ghoulish humans suffer accidents, or they drop dead of various causes,  and in the end the earth is clean once more. No more pain and no more disease – free at last.

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All the best, sincerely, Stuart Wilde.

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