Mary the Eternal Goddess

A pretty picture of Mary

I’ve seen many visions of Mary the Mother of God. In one vision she was next to my bed bending over me, watching me.

In the Bible Mary is described as a young girl, the wife of Joseph, the mother of Jesus but there isn’t much about what Mary actually did. What activities was she involved in? Did she weave baskets to sell at the market, or did she volunteer at a battered wives clinic, or did she have a job at the Post Office?

I’ve often wondered.

The eternal mother is an archytype in the inner worlds like a warrior/priestess. When I asked what did Mary did, I was shown a priestess on horseback with a sword in the air.

So maybe she did work at the Post Office but after she died she returned to the celestial worlds and mounted her horse. It’s so nice, I feel so happy for her. Stuart Wilde

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