Interesting Head Pain Cures

I’m getting close to my first 500 healings. People that have gotten well are telling others. It’s so moving.

Healings at an Ancient Templar Church

Lots of people have strange pains in their heads. I asked a Harley Street doctor about it, he said they are called “mystery pain” and that medics don’t know what causes it, they treat it with low doses of Prozac.

I can often see the black skewers that the ghouls fire sticking out of people’s heads, so I just wipe the interference away with my hand, sometimes I breath on it.

An English lady wrote:

 “I had a terrible sharp pain in my head over a couple of days. I saw Stuie in the pub watching a football match. He put his hand on my head and whistled for about 10 seconds. The pain started to go immediately and by the time the match was over I couldn’t feel it anymore. And it has not come back. Fantastic”. Ms. M.S. London 

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