Chemtrails—Some Real, Some Fake

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Artist's impression Chemtrail Goop


The real chemtrails fall to earth as goop, they smell of petroleum, and they have minute particles of aluminum, barium and strontium….. and other heavy metals. It’s very bad for people’s respiratory health especially the old and infirm. You can’t see the goop but it’s there. On the snow on MT Shasta the aluminum tested at 61,000 parts per million, that is 61 times what is safe.

People say the chemtrails are used for weather modification (bioengineering), but to spend millions of dollars flying KC 135s around to bring down the temperature in Los Angeles by one degree say, doesn’t quite make sense to me. We’re being poisoned from above. I reckon it’s a vengeance. I’ve seen visions on it, I can’t discuss it. But it will all fail in the end.

Artist's impression of the black lines

Then there are fake chemtrails, which are done by the UFO’s and the demonic beings that can fly. I saw a plane over Tavistock UK; it had two black lines out ahead of itself, like the picture here.

Real plane don’t emit those black lines, there is no nozzle or apertures on the side of the cockpit from which the black lines could come out.

Then I saw a chemtrail over London, high in the sky; a silent back plane (like a military jet) was under it, flying over the roof tops. It was just a few hundred feet up. It flew very fast the silence was very eerie.

There are videos on YouTube of circular UFO’s morphing into fixed wing planes, so the idea of fake contrail planes is likely to be a fact. The UFO’s mimimic the real thing spreading confusion and fear.

When pondering all of this, I saw a vision of a jet plane flying east, then it flipped on sixpence and flew west, then it broke up into two balls of light that fell to earth, one as a car and the other as a truck. So this was showing me the UFO’s can perform extraordinary maneuvers and morph into anything.

If you see the chemtrails stay in doors, take a shower. Hold the faith, all this will end, Gaia is beautiful. Three chemtrail planes fell out of the sky recently and crashed on the same day. Stuart Wilde

P.S. I had a friend working is a windowless basement office in my house in Australia, she saw a vision of a alien Grey and she smelt sulphur, which is often associated with devil beings, and she saw a vision of a plane. She came up to warn me, and in the distance was a chemtrial plane. I got my binoculars on it and the second I did that, the chemtrial stopped.

If it had been a real plane they would not have known I was watching, and they would not have stopped their mission even if I was watching. So that incident was another UFO fake. They can read your mind.

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