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The reason conspiracy theories are often true, is because they come from investigators and whistleblowers that are intimately linked to the source of the lies, and the manipulation and violence of the industrial/military complex, and the occult corruption of our leaders.

The leaders pretend to be normal, and many are living devils, satanic fascists that form a powerful component in the empire of the dark. I’ve spent 4500 hours in the hell worlds, while in trance, I consider myself knowledgeable. The global satanic empire seeks to control and capture the souls and lives of ordinary people. It’s alien abduction, a form of demonic possession.

To politically imprison people’s activity is exactly the same restriction the ghouls are trying to exert from the inner worlds using fear and by firing thoughts at people’s minds confusing and tormenting them. The leaders are WITH the ghouls, part of their army and the leaders control the national “thought delivery process” via the media.

With the advent of the Internet brave people like David Icke (, Jeff Rense ( and Alex Jones ( established an alternative media to expose the lies. So now people are less naïve. For example, in a recent poll, 84% of British people believe that Diana Princess of Wales was murdered, they are 100% right.

I saw thirteen visions of the death of Diana, one vision played as a video clip in my mind’s eye. The clip repeated itself over and over for four hours.

In the clip the car came down the ramp of the Alma tunnel at a normal speed, there was a explosion on the left side front wheel, the car hit a pillar and spun around.

The part of the car Diana was in was not damaged at all. (see below) She did not die in the crash, a doctor appeared down the ramp crossing from the other side of the road, she died by lethal injection. I’ll rewrite the Diana story as part of this series.

** Pictures of Diana’s car when it came out of the tunnel five or six hours later showed it totally crumpled from front to back with parts of the roof torn off.

Diana's Car was Twisted and Wrecked when it left the Tunnel

Early pictures of the car in the tunnel just after the accident show it relatively undamaged. Just as I saw it in my video-clip visions.

The Car When it First Came to a Halt

Look at the roof. There is no damage and the back window is intact. You can just see the right front wing, it’s not damaged and the side light is on. Compare that to the picture of the right side above, see the difference?

Diana was in the back on the side by the wall that the car did not hit.

All the extra damage was cosmetically added by the French authorities to con people into believing a fatal crash had taken place. In the actual crash I saw in my visions the left front of the car is a bit bent and that’s it. The car was not going fast and the driver was not drunk as the media claimed.

I drove in and out of the Alma tunnel back and forth many times, twenty times maybe, adjusting my speed to exactly mimic the speed of Diana’s car by watching the pillars go past. Remember, I had seen the vision of the car in the tunnel play over and over for four hours, so I knew.

From my experimental estimate in the tunnel, I’d say the car was doing 40-42 mph coming into the tunnel and it gathered a little bit of speed down the ramp, so it was doing maybe 45-47 mph, at the time of the explosion that occurred behind the left-side wheel. More on Diana later in this series on conspiracy. Stuart Wilde


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