Secret Societies and the Black Arts

This is another of the Conspiracy Theories I’ve been doing recently. SW

The secret societies like the Bildebergers are coagulated power trips, black goop, made of people that feel especially selected. It’s a disease I call, ‘The Cult of the Chosen One’.

Those power trips are often linked to black magic, the evoking of a dark power over people. The desire to dominate and control is intrinsically sexual at its root core, and it is always a black net that is thrown over people. (See my article Sex & the New World Disorder).

Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld


The Bilderbergers are named after a hotel where the first meeting was held. The society was formed by the Nazi, Prince Bernard of Lippe-Biesterfelf of the Netherlands. He was a sex addict and a SS officer, he wore his Nazi uniform throughout the war, then he formed his secret society.


Many prominent Zionist are members of it. Why would they join a Nazi fascist society, a political ideal that tried to rub them out, unless they were into the same dark power? Interesting eh?


Politics is a form of black magic, because the members of a body politic attempt to milk and control citizens under invocations and spells they call laws. Laws are incantations to the black gods of pain and restriction.

So the Zionist that control America’s Congress through bribery and donations are in the league with the fascists, who are also racist supremacists that lust for control, and they are all linked to the black magicians with their blood rites, and their covens, and sex magic, and they are with the satanic pedophile priests in the Vatican.

In the hell worlds all the supremacists and black magicians and power mongers are all one. There is only one evil with millions of faces.

Control and manipulation is all a form of devil worship, even if a person doesn’t perform rituals and incantations. Lust for power, greed, sexual domination, racial supremacy, is all devilish. Any dark thoughts or dark emotions people fire at others are essentially the black arts, a magic they use as they seek to do harm to others. They are not part of the God light, the greatest love you can offer is to allow people to be free.

It’s our karma to find ourselves in the grand illusion of many devilish wankers!

But in the end all that is hidden is exposed. Secrecy dies. The black incantations of intolerance fall to silence, darkness is destroyed. Their sperm bank of perpetual evil is robbed from them.

How could that be? They are so powerful. They control the banks and Wall Street, and they own the media, and the military machine, they can legally assassinate people and promote any evil, or any war they wish, they can arrest people without trail, how could they fall?

Three ways: They lose control of money by printing too much of it.  Secondly, Gaia comes and rubs out their fake world with earthquakes say, and thirdly, other dark forces attack the current evil. I’ve said, “Evil tries to rub out other evil”, as you may remember.

It’s part of our lessons and evolution to see how fake power is crushed by real power. The power of the light. We are invited to the “banquet of the dammed”, so we might avoid it in later incarnations. That is why you are here to observe it all.

Lovely place, shame about the people. Stuart Wilde

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