UFO’s—the Last Remaining Secret

Sorry this is a bit long but it’s part of a series of articles I’m writing that explain things, hopefully once and for all. SW

I was on a radio show that’s in Minneapolis, the broadcaster Dave Schrader was very knowledgeable, he asked me if I thought there would be a mass UFO attack, or a huge UFO display on the final day of the Olympics.

A UFO flotilla display is possible, but a real attack is not. It could be faked by the authorities, but the UFOs are non-solid beings. They can’t attack and anyway they don’t have to (see below).

The UFOs are birthed up a tube that comes from a demonic dimension that is behind you to your left. If you are facing north the dimension is at 240 degrees round the compass and downwards through the ground at 45 degrees (see pic).

UFO Birthing Tube

The UFOs come up 9 to 11 at a time at each birthing. The are not baby UFOs they are fully formed and able to fly. I have watched them being born many times, you have to be in trance in their parallel world to see it.

When out of the tube they can fly and morph; and they don’t have to attack to control the world as they already control the world. That is the last remaining secret. Let me explain.

These flying ghouls (devils) are a malevolent force in the minds of man, humans don’t realize that—humans believe they are free thinkers and that they have free will, some are free, a very small number, billions are not. Most would find it hard to understand an invisible force controls humanity.

Hermann Oberth, Inventor of Nazi Rockets

Hermann Oberth the father of Nazi rocketry was a trance medium that believed he was in touch with the UFOs. From the visions of them, the Nazis built circular saucer shaped craft called Vril.

Nazi Vril Craft


The occult demonic forces of power and loveless superiority are typical of the UFO ghouls, just as they were aspects of the Nazis’ cruelty. The UFOs would have been deep in the Nazi mind posing as superior beings from Tibet, or other places. They are very tricky.

In any one patch of blue sky overhead there are 200 UFOs you can’t normally see. You have to be in trance with a slow brain speed to see them. They look like flying oil barrels, walking stick UFOs, saucers, triangles and most of them are brown blobs 10-15 feet across.

The Federal Reserve prints money in secret, they give it, along with secret information, to their owners, who are foreign banks and the big banks on Wall Street, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller, Goldman Slags etc, they in turn manipulate the markets in a secret Ponzi scheme.

The military ships drugs in secret; the gangs sell the drugs in secret, the politicians maneuver in secret, the oligarchs control Russia in secret, the President of America assassinates people in secret, the Yakusa crime syndicates operate in Japan in secret, the Tongs in China, all in secret.

The Mafia in Europe is secret, and Europe is governed by an unelected body that operates in secret, and all the fraud and bribes are all secret. The abductors and their sex slaves are secret.

And all the while the demonic UFOs communicate in secret via telepathic thought forms to the men and women who control the world, that is why things are so ugly.

There are a trillion UFOs or more here on earth in a near-by parallel universe, and seven billion humans, so let’s say for the sake of argument, 100 UFOs for every man, woman and child on earth.

The UFOs can blip in here into 3-D, but not for very long. When they come they often morph into various different shapes trying to impress, they can do this because they are not solid, but the more complex the morph shape the less they can hold their form very well. They run out of energy to sustain the illusion.

But they do exercise a great power; they can speed up your heart and fire anxiety at you, and they can cover you with their depression and torment you with ugly visions and dreams. And they feed a relentless flow of nasty ideas and dark feelings to the minds and sentiments of the secret controllers. The UFOs are more powerful than any government, or army, or any political/religious system. The UFOs are huge in the churches.

They transmit their signal to humans via the first bone down your spine, the one that sticks up. That is the receiving station in humans. The humans don’t know that many of their thoughts and sentiments are not their own. It’s not stupidity just a sad lack of a sophisticated awareness.

The UFOs promote fear, mayhem and control, power trips, fascism, specialness, violence and pain. They promote despair and suicide through which they permanently capture souls.

UFOs are a fascist elite of devil beings from a mirror-world, one that we watch in trance. And as said the UFOs are linked via common sentiments to the fascist elite here in 3-D. They own the earthlings. In fights we have seen the UFOs attempting to fire a lime green pulse of energy at us, so they must be firing at the rulers without our rulers knowing they are targeted.

Because the UFOs are demons that can morph and fly, they think they are better than us but….

… the “but” is in six parts: First we learned via the trance state to “see” them flying overhead, that was a shock to their secret system. Secondly, we were not scared of them anymore, we saw they were just blobs of galactic excrement flying about.

Thirdly, we were given a fractal code by celestial beings, the code looks like a purple dot, it flies in a curved trajectory from one’s fingers and when it hits the demon flyers they shudder and fall to an inert state.

I know of 300 million that have been rubbed out in eleven years, but I suspect the number is very much greater, maybe a billion. It’s a drop in the bucket but it’s significant because the UFOs are holographically linked to each other, if a billion go down it scares and weakens the others. They never used to be scared of us but now they are terrified.

Fourthly, eleven years after we learned to “see”, Gaia moved in and started to control small parts of the earth and make them ghoul free.

The fifth thing was a great light landed on earth (July 2011) that we call the Solar Logos that began to rub out the ghouls in vast quantities.

And the sixth thing has not happened yet, but I wrote about it in the recent article “How Does it all End?” How Does it all End

The Morph comes in very close and it takes oxygen out of the air and the earth’s infestation of the dark humans is destroyed by asphyxiation, and the UFOs die with them.

Peace on earth. Teddies rule. Stuart Wilde

P.S. If the UFOs are bugging you, lay on a bed and move your hands in the air very fast and point, even if you can’t see the ghouls, and imagine you are firing off your fingers, even if you can’t see the purple dot. Just the act of moving your hand fast scares them very greatly and say “I’m with Stuart Wilde piss off”.

I can’t tell you how many of my readers have written in to say that this odd little incantation works a treat.

Finally, you can never be clear of the demonic until you are pure in your heart, so embrace the three graces; tenderness, generosity and respect and live a clean life—no secrets, no lies, no corruption. Stay with forgiveness and love that keeps you safe. Okay bye for now SW.

Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)
©2012 Stuart Wilde. All rights reserved.

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