The Whisperers

Horses Communicate

The story of the horse whisperers always fascinated me for one can see in the Aluna that animals talk by mental telepathy, and they have emotions and feelings, and they are part of family units with a great amount of love.

It’s part of your evolution once you realize the animals are very sacred, and they are in service to humans, helping us understand.

It’s a mistake to think they are dumb as they seem not to talk, we’re dumb for not being able to do telepathy and for making so much ego-noise.

I once was passing a field in England with horses, and I saw one gallop up to join the others, I could see from fifty yards away it was talking to the other horses greeting them. Fascinating open-eye vision.

I have a friend Wendy Datta that is an animal healer/whisperer in England, her email is: and her website is:

She is a very sensitive and kind person.  I love hearing her animal stories. They are so sweet and different. All the best Stuie Wilde

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Wendy with one of the Horses


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